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Small Lime Makes My Mouth Water

posted by constance

I go to the local supermart to get my daily supplies fresh. Each time I walk past the small and big limes, I get into this craving for some fresh lime juice. I had this picture of the small lime juice while in Penang early this year. Somehow the small limes in Singapore doesn’t seemed to taste as potent as the ones in Penang… is it the soil? or is it the weather or what? Where do the limes in Penang come from? Some of those in Singapore comes from Malaysia but not too sure which state..


Just thinking of this drink makes my mouth water… Ohhhhh how refreshing it must be, after a hot day at work.. And I am also craving for the Green Coloured Lemons… the colour is just more appealing because yellow lemons just remind me of Toilets and Washing liquids!


A Ride on the Train

posted by constance

How many cards do you usually have in your wallet? Many friends I know carry with them a large bulky wallet and some even has a second wallet in their bags. No cash inside actually, mostly cards! I can’t blame them, really. Because of our advance technology of going cashless and using electronic money most of the time, we have no choice but to carry a wallet packed with various cards like credit cards, discount cards, bank ATM cards, library cards, membership cards or even cash cards for our ERP/Parking purpose.. Lately because the customs at the Johore do not accept cash payment I found myself even having to purchase a ‘Touch & Go’ card.. but I don’t put that in my wallet since it is useless in Singapore.

Last week before the end of the holidays, I brought the girls out for a ride on the mrt. My girls has not really been on the MRT.. and they were both really acting up like country bumpkin! LOL.. i told them they are considered very lucky not to have to take public transport because when I was studying and working, I took the train most of the time.. When you are tired after work or school, taking a train for almost an hour back home is certainly not my cup of tea. It is a usual phenomenon to have commuters getting a shut-eye on the train on the way back. And amazing enough, they ALWAYS wake up in time for their destination stops! Some passengers can be rather rude sitting on those seats reserved for elderly, pregnant and handicapped and pretend not to see them at all.

It was the eve of New Year and I had forgotten that many people were on half day so the train stations were busy with commuters.. Before we went in, I had to dig out the EZlink cards.. oh I had not used that for years.. I wanted to top up only to find out that one of the cards were expired.. sigh. I managed to top up only one card and I found out that the SMRT were going to change to another new card system on the 9th January so which means I need to swap the card with a new one.. gosh, this is the second time they upgraded the cards.

Lea got frightened on the train and clinged on to Sofiya.. Rae on the other hand is so hypnotized by the handles and wants to go for a monkey swing on the bars…sigh.. Then she refuse to hold on and wanted to balance while the train was moving, legs standing like a sumo, giggling on the way, acting really really silly… *embarrassed*

Lucky we only travelled for a few stops! We went to West Mall but it was so boring, we left for Choa Chu Kang Lot 1 after an hour! I had parked my car at Lot 1, anyway…


Barney & Friends

posted by constance

On Tuesday, I brought the girls to the mall to watch Barney & Friends. Barney is Lea’s favourite character. Rae used to liked it but she has grown out of it and is now a fan of High School Musical and older stuff.

We left home after 11am because I had to drop by Lea’s school to pick up her Concert DVD and I had to go to the bank too. It was wrong timing because being early in the week and first few days in the month, the queues are terribly long. The girls were impatient and they whined so often from being tired, why-so-long and hungry. I had no time to cook lunch because in the morning I had few other things to do before getting them ready for the Barney show. I managed to cash out a cheque after an hour of queuing and we quickly drove to the mall next building. I would have preferred to walk but I had the girls’ library books and a bag with water and their stuff, I don’t think I can handle so many things and them with crossing the road as well.

Lucky the lower basement car park wasn’t full. We took the elevator right to the top floor to drop off the heavy books I was carrying and walked down the escalator to Level 1 for the show. The place was packed, there was no way I could get the kids to sit in the atrium. A guard managed to make some way for them to go in and sit at the corner but the loud music kept Lea holding on to me frightened because the speaker was just there. So I had to carry her to watch the show while Rae got a nice spot.

Once the show finished, I brought them to Sakae Sushi as they both love sushis. Then we walked around a little and bought some little stuff for the girls and got home. It was 4pm when we got home, and I had not decided what to cook for dinner. Gosh, then it was back to my frenzy home cooking, chores and kids washing up.


Old Style Internet Kopitiam

posted by constance

It was one of those Katong trips I went weeks ago that I spotted something that is very rare in Singapore. As everyone would know, Singapore has many malls, shopping centres and its share of Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Mc Cafe and many many modern rocket sky buildings that offers wifi surfing free.

You can even surf in the West Coast by the beach or sit next to the BBQ pit and check your email. So what I found here is just shockingly hilarious that still exist in Singapore. But of course it is in Katong, my little gem of 70s living in Concrete Singapore.

LOOK! This is a picture of an internet cafe, that looks so incredibly DIFFERENT with mismatched tables, chairs in an old shophouse and the best part? An Old Man manning the place! Wooo hooo! The signage reads RED HOT Internet Cafe, possibly the cheapest because it costs only $1.00 for an hour’s usage! It’s really an internet cafe but more like an old kopitiam sort because look at the old coffee pot on the shelf! The old man also makes the coffee using this style!

Old Style Modern Convenience – COOL!  I ADORE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!

What’s your view?? LOL!


Let’s Do Public Transport

posted by constance

Two weeks before school closes for holiday. I bet many parents are probably making travel or holiday arrangements already. My girls are pestering me to let them have a taste of local transportation and I’ve procrastinated since I’m pretty lazy to walk distances that is more than 200 metres unless I am unaware of it. heehee.

But I am planning to bring the two girls out on a travel spree probably starting them off from the LRT, MRT, Double Decker and if they aren’t complaining yet, let them try out the Extra long double bus.

Singapore’s Double Decker bus

Singapore’s extra long double bus

For this trip, I will definitely need my helper to be around as I worry about them and their balancing act while going up the double decker while the bus is still on the move.

I remember how I used to love to sit on the double decker before and after school. Back then, I’d prop my earplugs and turn on my favourite audio CD or just read till i reach my destination. I prefer the bus anytime because of the privacy and orientation of the seats. The orientation of the MRT is facing the opposite seats so can be quite intimidating..hehehe.

I think it is time to really get the kids to pick up local transport habits and know the dos and don’ts in the the buses. We have seats for those in need near the entrance doors. I know my kids are going to be raking lots of commotion when they are on the bus because they are really the ‘jakun’ type ( country bumpkin kids on buses). I believe, they will swing on the bars like monkeys and try to dance around the poles like totem poles. Oh dear.. Now, I’m beginning to get a bit worried.. Maybe I just get them on the LRT first.


Orchard Road

posted by constance

On Monday, I was in Orchard. I had wanted to shop for a Takoyaki pan. As Takoyakis are Japan snacks, I decided to hit the Japanese shopping malls in town. In Orchard, we parked at the public car park just next to Wheelock Place. Since this year, many car parks in Orchard had raised their car park charges and if you are in Orchard, got to prepare paying as much as $7 – $12 car park just for a few hours’ shopping.

Below:Orchard Road (Roof of CK TANG), Isetan Orchard at Scotts/Orchard Junction

Since we had not been there for ages, we thought of walking along the shopping belt along Orchard Road. I didn’t like to take the tunnel roads because it makes me feel claustrophobic most of the time. Boy, this time I realised that Orchard has certainly changed. It was not pleasant to walk lately. There was too much hoardings from Wheelock all the way to Takashimaya!

ION in Progress

It was the building of ION, the new shopping mall, probably set to complete early next year. Not only that, there was lots of constructions going on. Apparently, many malls are upgrading their malls. The government is also doing a major makeover to Orchard Road malls and this time it certainly looks pretty messy.

Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Ngee Ann City

I finally saw few takoyaki pans in Takashimaya but those were stove top ones. I want to get an electrical one so I shall be looking around maybe in other areas again.


I Love Katong

posted by constance

Singapore has it’s pros and cons. In my late teens and 20s, i’m an Orchard Road junkie. I go to Orchard Road almost everyday to shop, hang out with friends, hang out at Paragon ladies room (because it was the best place for girls to talk cosmetics in the makeup area with sofas and large mirrors) and hang out at Danny’s since it was open 24 hours.

In my late 20s I hang out at Tanjung Pagar mostly since  I used to work there and after work, I’d be at Orchard Road, hanging out at Borders’ bistro, Coffee Club and Coffee Bean. Those were the day when you had no worries, no commitments and friends are very much a part of your life.

But as I grow older I realized that my needs have changed dramatically and I no longer enjoy going to Orchard Road, crowded places and don’t really like swanky places. I love those places that are in the outskirts, and those places that remind me of little Penang, of course. Ah Boy and I love to go to Katong area mostly or just neighbourhood towns but our kids do not.  As much as I love Chinatown, I cannot stand the crowd there so most of the time we will go Katong area trying out food in their quaint old coffeeshops.

Katong district is east side of Singapore


328 Katong Laksa


99 Hakka Food shop


Look at some of the pics I took when we were there few weeks back. This is the best part of Katong area, lots of little food shops. You can find the popular Katong laksa, Bak kut teh at Joo Chiat area, Nyonya Kim Choo that is popular for it’s peranakan food or even discover a Hakka food outlet here. There was once when I was told there was a Penang Place (that sells Penang food) but apparently it has closed down.

Katong is my little gem.


Busy As A Bee

posted by constance

Only less than a week before exam finishes. I am frantically helping my girl with revision in the little time she has right after school and homework. It is so stressful and I try to cover as much as I can. She has 3 more major papers to go, of which are where the majority marks will be. Her final paper will be maths on Friday and is the most stressful subject for her.

On my hubby’s side, he is busy planning and finalising his end of the year festive promotions. In the office, the secretary is also making a list of corporate holiday cards to send out to the members of the club. At home, I am busy doing spring cleaning a little bit at a time before my helper goes away for holidays. Hopefully things will slow down a bit by the middle of December because we are going to take a short holiday break with the kids.


Weekend at East Coast Park

posted by constance

I had two options in my mind. Shop for a pair of inline skates so that I could enjoy skating with my girls or get a bicycle for myself so that while they skate, I can lug their things around and follow them in my bike. So the choice is mine. I know lazy me would eventually choose the bike so I am still giving it more time to consider.

Yesterday we went to East Coast Park so the kids can try out roller blading since many goes there. I saw a skating rink there but the place was swamped with those skaters who are there to ‘show off’ their skills in their twists and turns.

We ended up on the path road instead. The path is shared by those who walk their dogs and those who are on the kanggoo jumps and some bikers too. Have you tried Kangoo Jumps, anyone. It looks fun!

Kangoo Jumps and Skaters

East Coast Park (near the McDonalds/Marina Cove) is where lots of skaters go. If you need to get some food and drink from McDonalds, use the ‘Skate Thru’ path specially created for skaters!

Skate Thru at McDonalds

There is a Flea mart that sells everything you need for the beach. You can also rent inline skates, wave boards (another version of skateboard), bicycles, have fun at the mini rides and lots of foodshops. Flea mart here even has Chocolate Fondue if you fancy a stick!

Chocolate Fondue Kiosk

Lots of Campers too


Cool Shots in a Health Fair

posted by constance

Last Sunday, Singapore General Hospital had a Health Roadshow creating awareness about Colon Risks and Colon Cancer. There were many people there. There were many illustrative panels and also video screens showing the colons and animated shows about the internal organs. But those videos proved too much for me as I had not had my lunch yet. I wanted to view them but hubby was in a hurry to get lunch. He was starving as we did not take breakfast and it was almost noon! However I managed to take few shots and show you a cool picture idea SGH had done.

These are some of the educational panels. They were in bright red, very attractive actually. There were stations managed by some hospital personnels that teaches you the important foods and the risks that could lead to colon problems. They even let you pick up a 2day stool test kit free if you want to. It was a success, this roadshow because many Singaporeans showed interest.

If you register to take part in their road show, you can get a cool picture shot for you. What kind of picture? Your portrait? nope! Look below.

This is what I meant. Look at this picture. It is an operating theater in the centre of the road show, created for picture taking. Give them your ticket and they don you up in a mask, a surgeon’s operating coat, a head cover and you are the next Surgeon of the Year. You get to hold some surgeon’s operating tool and pretend that you are operating on that fake mannequin under the sheets! I think this is cool. I saw from a level above that some took the pictures as a family.  Families taking it look like a group of surgeons operating on this mannequin! Awesome! I wanted to take a picture but I think Hubby wasn’t interested at all. It’s no fun taking the picture alone..  Would you participate in this if it were you?