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Second Day At Genting Highlands

posted by constance

My girls really liked Genting Highlands a lot. Perhaps it is because there are so many things happening there and it was so full of people adding to the excitement. And many game rides in the amusements are concentrated in one place alone. We’ve been there almost every year yet not tired of this place at all.

Pictures below: The view of the golf course from the coffee house while having breakfast, Random shot of cheeky kids.

The food at Genting was really overpriced most of the time. It was like that decades ago and till today their prices were marked high. Imagine, a simple meal of Hainanese fare like these cost $150. Some Hainan Cafe. Blood suckers. I was more interested in their retro mosaic flooring…hehehe

The indoor area was packed with the holiday crowd. Can’t see much with such a crowd. The Market Food Street seems to have been reduced in sized, or so I thought. Years back I thought it was a little bigger with more food stalls in there.

When we were there, we paid a visit to the Snow World for some snow fun. Frankly I was feeling yucky about the experience because before one can enter, you have to put on their winter jackets, gloves and snow boots. And those stuff were just worn earlier in the previous session and some of them are still wet and soggy. They weren’t dried and were left hanging on the clothes’ hangers, and some of them were on the floor. But with the kids pestering to go, we just close a blind eye, telling myself I’ll go back and disinfect the kids’ clothes later. sigh.. i didn’t have socks on myself so putting on the cold soggy boots was the ultimate yucks!

It was really cold in there but the kids loved it. They tried to make snowballs, snowman and built snow castles. There were free yoghurt and ice cream vouchers given to us at the refreshment bar inside Snow World but that was madness!

Brrr….It is soooo cold! My hands are freezing!!

Snow playing session lasted only less than an hour but even being there for 10 minutes I could have sworn I was gonna be frozen stiff already. Picture taking was not allowed but we asked the photographer to take some paid shots for keeps.

We also visited the Theme Park. We paid for the unlimited outdoor Theme Park tickets. In fact, we’ve been there quite a few times and most of the times, it was only my helper and Rae going on these rides. Perhaps that was because we have outgrown taking rides and may not be able to take to too much excitement now, compared with when in our youth.

Rides my kids enjoy.

There was a small chocolate house and the girls insisted they wanted to go in. There wasn’t much action there nor games except for backdrops of lots of chocolates, good for photo taking and also chocolates that were on sale.

We enjoyed watching the kids enjoy their rides, screaming with joy and also some entertainers dressed in clowns, as tall men and also one of a native hunter. This native hunter scared the shit of many people because of the way he sneaked behind people unaware! Ha Ha Ha! That was pretty good fun too!

Watch out for the native hunter…. as he sneak up on you..   Oops! too late..hahahah

Most of the rides had long queues.. which turned us and many away. We even queued to sit on the Monorail but after 30 minutes or more of waiting in long queues, it never showed up at all. I figured they probably had too few monorails now compared to previously when the trains arrived at short intervals. We decided to skip that.

It was exhausting and the girls were tired by afternoon. We searched high and low for some place for the kids to rest but there were shortage of resting places.. And the cafes like Starbucks were all full. We decided to watch people do some bowling on one of the top floors so the kids can sit down and rest their aching feet. Lea had fallen asleep and had to be carried.. After an early dinner, we decided to go back down Awana. And lucky we drove up on the second day because I’m pretty sure the queues at the cable rides and shuttle would be just as packed!


Awana, 8km towards Genting Highlands

posted by constance

During the Chinese New Year, we made a last minute decision to drive up to Awana, 8km drive to Genting Highlands. The girls had two days of no school so we made a booking at Awana. The hotels at the top of Genting were all fully booked so we settled for Awana instead. We booked a small suite to make sure we had enough space for the kids and my helper.

Driving was smooth as there were no traffic jams at all. Perhaps because it was already the first day of Chinese New Year and everyone either had been visiting relatives and gone to the temple. Awana was bustling when we were there. The check in counter had long queues so while hubby settle with our luggage, I went to queue up to check in. The weather was nice in Awana, cool and breezy, not as chilly as further up on Genting.

The queue at the check in counter, A display welcoming Year of the Ox 2009.

The suite was decently furnished. It looked a little old fashioned, probably because it had been around for ages. But it was clean and not too bad.

The room with the King bed

The room was decent, a King sized bed and a fairly big bathroom with shower cubicle. The living had a 3 seater and we requested for one more extra bed for my helper.

From entrance pic, The living with a 3 seater sofa

The Pantry

There was a little pantry area with bar stools and the kids wasted no time wanting to utilize it. The pantry had two hot plates, thermos boiler and a small fridge. They had mashed potatoes we bought along from 7-eleven Sg cos they could never eat those hot and spicy food along the way.

We had parked our car at Awana and decided to try out the shuttle bus that takes us to the Awana Skyway for transit to the Genting top via Cable Car. It was about 15 mins wait for the shuttle.

Lea boogied away when she heard we were going to be taking a bus… this girl seldom gets a bus ride.. she enjoys it so much… Shuttle bus, here it comes… onboard!

Nice view from the cable. Clear blue skies.

The way back was foggy though.. Brrrr Ccccooolddddd…

The trip back was really exhausting because the queues at the cable was so long.. Waiting for the bus was terrible.. gosh the people pushed others out of the way just to grab to go up the bus.. it was an unpleasant experience for us. Kids were being elbowed too. Rude people.

And these people weren’t those who were guests of Awana but they were just hitching the free shuttle ride! It was really rude of them. Some were employees working in Genting..  Our next trip, We decided to drive up instead, for the Theme Park.

Watch out for another post about our theme park visit soon!


I Love Katong

posted by constance

Singapore has it’s pros and cons. In my late teens and 20s, i’m an Orchard Road junkie. I go to Orchard Road almost everyday to shop, hang out with friends, hang out at Paragon ladies room (because it was the best place for girls to talk cosmetics in the makeup area with sofas and large mirrors) and hang out at Danny’s since it was open 24 hours.

In my late 20s I hang out at Tanjung Pagar mostly since  I used to work there and after work, I’d be at Orchard Road, hanging out at Borders’ bistro, Coffee Club and Coffee Bean. Those were the day when you had no worries, no commitments and friends are very much a part of your life.

But as I grow older I realized that my needs have changed dramatically and I no longer enjoy going to Orchard Road, crowded places and don’t really like swanky places. I love those places that are in the outskirts, and those places that remind me of little Penang, of course. Ah Boy and I love to go to Katong area mostly or just neighbourhood towns but our kids do not.  As much as I love Chinatown, I cannot stand the crowd there so most of the time we will go Katong area trying out food in their quaint old coffeeshops.

Katong district is east side of Singapore


328 Katong Laksa


99 Hakka Food shop


Look at some of the pics I took when we were there few weeks back. This is the best part of Katong area, lots of little food shops. You can find the popular Katong laksa, Bak kut teh at Joo Chiat area, Nyonya Kim Choo that is popular for it’s peranakan food or even discover a Hakka food outlet here. There was once when I was told there was a Penang Place (that sells Penang food) but apparently it has closed down.

Katong is my little gem.



posted by constance

Travel agencies are getting very aggressive lately. They hold their travel fairs more often than last time. It is only in September and they are wooing people to book for the end of the year holidays. It has been a while that we have travelled to other countries apart from the neighbouring ones. Guess with kids around we have to work out if it is costly or not to travel as a whole family plus a helper. Kids do not get a child rates anymore unless they are 2 years or less. Don’t forget to get your travel insurance, when you travel. You can claim against your loss for instances like a missing luggage.


Best City Goes to Bangkok

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Did you know that Bangkok was being voted for being the world’s best city for 2008. It was ranked at number 3 last year. Bangkok is a vibrant city and very friendly too. I am glad for this result, actually. Many cities in Asia and region may be modern or busy but the friendliness compared to the Thais can never be measured the same. Last year’s winner for best city was Florence.

What are the other hospitality results? Best island is Galapagos, Ecuador (last year was Bali). Best hotel – Singita Sabi Sand, South Africa. Best international airline – Singapore Airlines and Best domestic airline Virgin America.


Need a Cool Vacation

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School has just started for a week and here i am feeling tired, stressed and thinking of a holiday. I can’t help it. I wish I could take a trip to somewhere far where the four seasons are. It is getting so humid lately and the air conditioning doesn’t seem to help. I also read that electricity tariffs are set to go up from July 1st onwards so that means I have to try to reduce turning on the air condition or turn it up later in the day. I can’t help looking onto travel related sites for the best flight deals. I need a cool vacation away from this region.


Family Beach Vacation

posted by constance

We love the outdoor life, especially beaches. My girls love to build sand castles and feel the gentle sea waves smothering their little ankles. It is also very relaxing to sit down under a shady area and read. My sister recommended that we make a trip to the banks in Duck, South Carolina for a vacation. She gave me an online website to browze the vacation homes for rental and all the interesting activities a family can do there. From kayaking, fishing, crabbing, cycling, para sailing, eco and nature tours and even go-carts and mini-golf courses, I’m sure we will have a splendid time there.


Visit to the Butterfly Farm

posted by constance

On our vacation, we visited the Penang Butterfly Farm. The last time I was there myself was when I was a teenage maybe about 17 or 18 years. I was surprised that this place is still around after more than 2 decades. It was a very small farm (or maybe because we didn’t get to explore since it rained within the half hour upon entering).

It was suppose to be an exciting visit. We bought the tickets and subsequently walked into the entrance into the netted area of the farm. The nets on the top was to prevent the butterflies from fluttering away.


My girls really loved it. They were shrieking with joy and were amazed to see so many butterflies. We saw the little breeding corner where the caterpillars weaved some substance and turned into ‘pupas’ and hibernate. After a certain span of time, the caterpillars will emerged as a butterfly. It works the same with moths. I get very squeamish when I see these moths, actually. In the farm, I could feel my goosebumps and skin crawling already!


It was only about 10 minutes or maybe more when the sunny weather turned into an overcast! Then we were in the scorpion caves and it started to rain! Gosh, there was no roof so we had to run to the indoor area where there are galleries of geckos and other exhibits.


What Makes An Ideal Vacation

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Everyone loves a vacation. My friends would go on a shopping holiday when they get their deserved break. In the past, I love to go on shopping trips but lately I appreciate a more relaxed holiday like in a resort just spending some time by the poolside or at the beach. Getting a good read is just as important. Going for holidays that are packed itineraries can be very stressful. A vacation should be relaxing and time for us to recharge. Hunting for St. Barts villa rentals in a little French island in the Caribbean would be a nice change than the normal resort holiday. Numerous bistros, chic restaurants and selective designer shopping would be ideal.


Last Minute Deals and Travel Information

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In the past if you need to take an adhoc holiday, you will need to contact a travel agent for information. Now if you need to check for rooms and travel, all you need to do is go cyberspace and do a search. There are rooms, flights and travel information which you can book to go. Of course to confirm availability, you need to confirm it days or even weeks ahead.

But did it ever occur to you that wouldn’t it be so wonderful if you can just decide fuss-free and book a room at the last minute? Go for a whirlwind romance or just give yourself a pending break. Not just hotels, but you would also need cheap flights?

Wouldn’t that give you to more flexible options and not have to plan ahead of time? You might not be aware but there ARE last minute hotels that are available and not just some crummy, shabby motels. These are quality hotels and you can even pick from an array of 5 stars to a budget quality hotel. How about flights that are available at the very last minute. An online travel stop is what you are looking for. From booking last minute hotels, flights, packages, gifts, insurance, car hire, travel information and tips and more. At your fingertips anytime, anywhere. Excellent Idea.