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Spring Cleaning Process Ongoing

posted by constance

My girls just couldn’t wait for Christmas. They have been talking about it since the past week. Lea wants to have a little Hello Kitty house with steps.  Not just any house, but the one that she saw in an OLD chinese VCD for kids. She calls it Hello Kitty-Go Down The Steps. It is actually similar to a dolls’ house and little furniture but they are Sanrio’s popular Hello Kitty product. This VCD has been around for decades and she thinks that the Hello Kitty house can be found now. It will be difficult to find that.

I’m not sure if I should get anymore toys for either of them, actually.

Rae actually has a large beautiful Doll’s Castle with lights that can turn on and off, and has a nice garden, porch and all the accessories to go with it. But she hardly plays with it now. Buying toys for kids can be a waste of money, actually because they get bored of it soon. I have been clearing up toys and I have just send 4 large bags of toys, clothes and a little children’s activity table to the Salvation Army yesterday. But there are still a lot of toys.

How much? See for yourself! All the cubby holes are filled with toys, collected over the years through gifts, amusement rewards and some are bought.  I also bought large plastic boxes with rollers to contain those that overflowed. I store kid’s bags and haversacks in those big boxes.

These are only AFTER packing away 4 extra large bags of kids’ stuff! My next cleanup would be the toys downstairs!