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Sleepy and Yawning Early

posted by constance

I used to sleep after midnight or watch Hong Kong serials through the night and doze off and getting up few times a night. However now, I can’t last longer than 10pm. My eyelids will get heavy before 10pm and sometimes I don’t even know what I write in my blogs and etc. The girls are usually in their dreamland (Candyland and Barneyland, as they call it) but for myself, I sleep like a log! Too tired, exhausted and wish I had more than 24 hours in a day so I can pretty much do more stuff and blog more… sigh.. I’m yawning and I haven’t had my daily ‘fix’ of Bejewelled yet… sheesh..


So, night night everyone. Hush Hush Sleep Baby Sleep..


Update WordPress or NOT..

posted by constance

I really am not very into IT, manuals and trouble shooting internet stuff… They really make me crazy and frustrated. I know wordpress has version 2.8.4 available now but I still have not downloaded it.. I worry that it might just tweak and cause my blog to go hay wire. Anyone had tried it and DOESN’T GIVE PROBLEMS? I don’t want problems like image uploading like what I have been having… since my update to Flash’s latest version, I am pulling my hair. Now I only can upload my pics via photobucket… grrrrrrrr

I really hate to go into that c-panel thingy, btw… can I upload wordpress without going into it? Who’s on a new wordpress version? What are the advantages or disadvantages? Or is it sheer bad luck that I run into problems…

Oh, btw, anyone knows the REAL Deepavalli date? I get too many different dates.. i saw two different dates. One falls in November and the other one is coming up soon…  Wah Liaoooooooo


Mid Week Rant/Cheer

posted by constance

This week for me started really dreadful. I was in low spirits. The weather too did not make it any better. Look at the picture I took on Monday. It was dark, gloomy and it also poured in the morning. Was worried that the weather would stay that way for the week. Lea had a zoo excursion the following day, and I wasn’t sure if going to the zoo in this crummy weather will be good. Lucky on Tuesday, the weather made a turn for the better. Phew!

Then today, being the middle of the week, is bright and cheery too. Look at the snapshot I took not too long ago. That is better, right? The sky cleared up and you could even see the little hill compared with Monday’s shot.

Monday’s Gloom

Wednesday’s Cheers

Hope the week will be good the rest of the week. The National Day Parade is on Saturday. The fireworks will be awesome but as usually it is not easy to get tickets to the parade. I’ve tried for years! I only managed to get it once cos my friend had a spare ticket and that was 15 years ago! I love the National Day Parade here. There is so much fun and motivation. You can get caught up in their patriotism for their country. This is what I need now.


Goo Girl is a Bad Man

posted by constance

Okay, let’s face it. Not many of my blogger friends like Goo girl very much. *wink* But, we swear by it. We live by it. Those are hard and fast rules to follow. If you are guilty of using your blog for money making opportunities, you probably get a roller coaster ride down in your Page Ranking. Yup Yup. That was what happened to me twice.

We don’t like it. Yet, we need them . Without PR, we can’t get jobs. Without jobs, no money. Few of my friends have also had their PRs swat. Just like mine. No joke. Zilch. Kosong. Naught. So we just wait patiently doing less paid posts (if possible) until the next update. Some of my blogger friends are swearing under their breath. Last night we all chat and shared common interests. Where are the ops! Was fun though. Catching up with bloggers actually.

So guess I shall be sleeping earlier, waking up later. And oh yes. I also resorted to using Goo Girl as the bad guy to get my girls to sleep at night. I tell them, if you don’t sleep the Goo Girl Man will come! NO JOKE! They are now wary of the Goo Girl Man. *wink*


Gloom Weather

posted by constance

I have been feeling under the weather recently. Maybe it could have been because of the weather. It has been raining and most of the day seemed kind of gloomy. I could also feel that my throat is starting to feel a little parched. Perhaps I should stop taking too much coffee. I have also started to take more fruits in my diet and I do it before my meal instead of after the meal. A nurse friend once told me that to keep our body at optimum level, we should be taking fruits before the meal so that the vitamins are easily absorbed into our system. Otherwise have your fruits about 2 hours after the meal. So I am listening to her advice.


Less Blog Lately

posted by constance

I’ve been pretty busy preparing for my little girl’s birthday celebration in her school. Today is the celebration although her actual birthday will be on Monday, which will also be Youth Day and is a school holiday. So, not to disappoint her, I will let her bring the cakes and goodie bags earlier.

I had decided to bake cupcakes instead of ordering a large cake this year. So every child in her class will bring home a cupcake and there is no messy cakes and used paper plates in the school classroom. I will post up the cupcakes soon, likely on my blog – as I am having some trouble connecting to

I hope this issue will be resolved quickly or I will not be able to blog here in the future.. sigh. In the meantime please try not to tag me there since I have to ask for favours from my friends to help post up my articles.


Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake

posted by constance

We brought the girls to watch Care Bears live performance last week. The girls loved it. It was shown in Downtown East on the day we were there. There was also a family carnival going on. The girls went for the rides at the Care Bear rides. They had fun although they complained the rides were too short. I agree. It went around the castle only twice and that cost $3.00. There were many who were there for the water theme park which we didn’t go in since we couldn’t get to book a chalet that weekend. Perhaps the next school holiday. I grew up with Care Bears and adore them a lot. Care Bears are also making their comeback with so many premiums lately.

Even the old Strawberry Shortcake is making a comeback with a new revamp. Look at the Old (left) and New (right) pics here. I snapped a pic of the carnival game of a large basketball game. (see pic, right) And I mean really large ball in a large net.


Colonial Penang

posted by constance

I took many pictures of Penang while on vacation recently. Some of the old homes have made way for new developments for the past two decade since I left. One was the Serani’s quarters that I used to walk through to get to my school daily. I regretted not having any pictures of the homes then. Of course at that time, we didn’t have the convenience of digital cameras. Losing that part of the land to a modern condo was heartbreaking. The community diminished just like that. Seranis were made up of a unique European-Asian (Chinese/Indian/Malaysian) culture and heritage. In English terms they are also called Eurasians.

That piece of land was what I called Santa’s Jolly Land because that was a happening place during Christmas time. We lived a stone’s throw from it and there has always been much merry making during Christmas with lots of loud music, dancing and laughter. It made way for the Belissa Condominium which had that large piece of cold wall closing us from our Jolly Land. My sister and I grew up with some good buddies from here.

Some of the homes in Penang are a mix of Malay-Chinese and Colonial times. Mum’s house is similar but it is quite run down by now and too expensive to call in for conservation works too. But it still has it’s unique charm and distinctive look. We have a basement, upstairs and a mid level kitchen and lavatory that belongs outside. I used to love playing hide and seek in this home because it has too many hiding corners!


Sore Gums and Presto!

posted by constance

I had a molar taken out last year. It had cracked under pressure from biting too much hard nougat and nuts which I love. 3 years before I had it extracted, I had spent some money on root canal treatment on it because I wanted to save it since those are my molars. The dentist advised me to have a crown over it which i didn’t because the cost seemed too unreasonable for a molar. So last year it finally gave gave way because I was still biting hard nougat and I only have myself to blame.

So the past few days, my gums had been feeling sore and I was not really feeling in my best behaviour. I wondered why and worried if it was any infection from some horribly food that could have been stuck behind a molar that was almost impossible to pick. Guess what it was? When I took a little fine bristle to clean the difficult part of a molar when I felt something hard in the gums! With a torch in one hand, I discovered a tooth growing! Gosh, I am already 40 and I have a new wisdom growing now? No wonder my gums felt sore and my cheeks felt hot!

Any of you facing this in your 40s?

A day later, my gums swelled and I could not eat because chewing on one side would affect my teeth biting on the swollen gums the other side of my cheek. And because it was Sunday, there was no dentist opened. I took some painkiller to get rid of the dull ache. I finally made it to the dentist on Monday and he asked me to have a surgery to cut the gums to extract the wisdom that was stuck inside and not growing out. I relented because I am going away soon. A surgery will mean I would be in pain too. So he gave me some painkillers for the time being. I shall only see my dentist again after the holidays. sigh. Lucky the swell subsided slightly today and I felt a little better. But the painkiller made me very drowsy and I hope I won’t fall asleep driving…


Coke Zero versus Regular Coke

posted by constance

What is your reaction to Coke Zero? We gave it a try in the weekend recently and seemed like the family loves it. Personally, I don’t. Why? Because it tasted like a’Flat’ Coke. One that had been opened and left opened for hours. The fizzyness is less and it somehow tasted sweeter than the normal coke to me.


It is also different from Diet Coke. Diet Coke is bubblier and has artificial sweetener, giving it a slightly bitterish taste. Regular Coke is bubbly and is supposed to be bad due to the high sugar content, but I love its bubbly high content. And now that they have Coke Zero, it’s supposed to be rid of all sugar with the natural taste. Perhaps it’s good if you would like to cut down on carbonated sweet drinks but I still love my regular Coke, anytime. And it’s gotta be from the can because it tastes better!

Regular Coke for me!