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I love Tinkerbell

posted by constance

Have you been a fan of Peter Pan? I used to be a great fan and especially loved the little fairy called Tinkerbell. When I was a young child, I had wished for this little pretty fairy much more than wishing for Santa Claus! I wanted to fly so much and wished I could.. Those were fond dreams.

During Christmas last year, my girls saw a trailer of Tinker Bell on a video shop and pestered me to get them the DVD. I did. And they have been watching it over and over again. I watched with them several times and thought the cartoon was indeed very heart warming. We even bring it with us when we are in car and watch it no matter how short our journey is..

I bought the Tinkerbell DVD on the left. I don’t have any Blu-ray player.

Then when we went for a trip to the arcade, apparently Tinkerbell was among the reward prizes for our favourite game. I just couldn’t resist playing and wanted so very much to bring home these little pretty figurines, not just for the home but perhaps, just perhaps, to satisfy my game craves and Tinkerbell was and still is, my favourite fairy of all times.

I played two rounds and hit two prizes. I chose Tinkerbell in two different posture.

Look, the Tinkerbell even has wings to be attached on. Pretty, huh?


If I Could Live in the Library…

posted by constance

Last Friday, I brought my girls to the library in Choa Chu Kang. The library there had been closed for renovation and the Friday was when it was going to be reopened and is about 30% bigger than the previous one. It is still in the same location, in Lot One Shopping Mall but moved to one floor higher. Since it was the school holidays and I don’t think I can ever buy all the collections of Tiara Club story books, I brought the girls to borrow the ones there.

I was totally impressed with the new library. It was so big and there was so much books. I had always thought that libraries at Orchard or National Library had the most collection but apparently this one is very very impressive. There were more sitting areas, sofa seats, proper tables and chairs, lots of OPAC stations (for searching of titles) and also lots of multimedia stations. The magazine area is to die for!

The novels shelvings got me excited (all the Sidney Sheldons so welcoming) and the books where the cookbooks are made my heart beat so fast I had to breathe harder! Yes! Yes! it was wonderful just so wonderful! I could live in this library with my laptop only coming out for food and loo if I had no kids! The power points were all there so no need to worry about your battery dying out. One could surf and chat privately on your own msn of course.

Well, the kids actually had the best time too. The children’s area was amazing. There were so many books, story books for all kids’ ages. There was also an area where you can go to for reading out loud in the farthest corner so as not to disturb readers who like peace and quiet. The activity/story book room looked set for holiday activities for kids.

What is wonderful is that many of the books here are brand new! I saw many people carrying as many as 8 books/novels and they are all in ‘OH SO NEW’ mint condition. Since it is the school holidays, we can borrow double the amount of books. My girl borrowed 10 Tiara Club story books, Lea borrowed 4 for nursery level and I got 2 cookery books. Altogether we have 16 books, using just two library cards. I am just delirious!

I wanted to take pictures but not allowed to. But if you are in Singapore anytime, do visit our libraries. They are really great! There’s one in every estate.


Keeping Up With The Joneses

posted by constance

I had a good read on the internet about this topic. It was pretty hilarious! There was an article in the culture and society segment which gave advice and tips on How to Keep Up with the Joneses. For some of you who are not familiar with the term ‘keeping up with the Joneses’, it is a popular phrase whereby two family who lived side by side (neighbours) are trying to outdo each other in every thing they have, own to be on top of each other. Most of the time countries that are developed face or experience this concept is carried out to prove one’s successful attainment in the material world. In Singapore, it is simply expressed as ‘Kiasuim’ mentality.

So, what does one do to keep up with the Joneses. Here is what I read:

Step 1:
Buy a pair of binoculars. It’s hard to see what your neighbors have inside their houses unless you can get a clear view. Purchase everything they have plus one, meaning either the quantity must be more or the quality must be higher.
Step 2:
Shop at the organic grocery store where prices are higher and the food is better. Shop during peak hours to be seen by more people. Frequently comment to friends on the gourmet items you’ve purchased or new recipes your maid has been trying out. Better yet, have your maid shop there.
Step 3:
Trade up for a prettier or more handsome spouse if yours can’t be spruced up. Nothing screams money like a young, beautiful, not-so smart spouse. You will need to do this every decade or so, whenever the current model starts looking haggard or approaches middle age.
Step 4:
Take out a second mortgage, if necessary, because you have to buy the newest luxury car on the market. Try to get one slightly more expensive than the one your neighbor drives. Having a sports car to drive on the weekends and a gas-guzzling SUV, like a Hummer, for family trips are the best options.
Step 5:
Give every teenager in your house an expensive convertible on their 16th birthday. Wrap it in a big bow and leave it in the driveway so all can see how generous you are. If it gets wrecked, purchase a replacement as soon as possible. Don’t make your teenager work, or in anyway deserve, the car.
Step 6:
Hold frequent dinner parties to show off your shiny, new purchases. Hire extra servants for the evening and splurge for a live band or combo group. Have at least seven courses for the meal. Afterwards, serve the gentlemen brandy in the study while the ladies retire to the parlor.
Step 7:
Send your children to the best boarding schools, preferably in a foreign country. On school breaks, embarrass your children by making them perform a piano concert or recite Voltaire in French at one of your dinner parties. Constantly tell everyone how talented and smart they are by listing all the things they can do that other children can’t.

Dr. Seuss In Chinese

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bsk2008t.gifbsk2008t.gifbno2008t.gifbno2008t.gifbeanobindert.gifbeanobindert.gifI am a BIG FAN of Dr. Seuss’ learning journey. Although I buy them to encourage my girls to read and learn from his quirky stories, as a matter of fact I enjoy it as I read them for them. I’ve got his interactive CDroms and also CDs (or was that DVDs we bought? My elder girl at 3 started with Dr. Seuss’ paperbacks like Blue Back Series of Dr. Seuss ABC and There’s a Wocket in my Pocket. It was a collection worth getting untill now my younger one is enjoying it herself. The stories are very creative, educational and stretches the kids’ imagination. They really enjoy the zanny reads and reading them the same thing all over and over again gets them in stiches. I like to grab these while on a vacation because it certainly keeps them thrilled before bedtime or when they get fidgety in the car.

What I found on the internet today when I was searching for Dr. Seuss’ collection was that I found that they have them in Chinese as well! How interesting! I am thinking of buying them for the kids now. Have you see the Dr. Seuss’ collection in chinese before?

What kind of story books do you read to your child? I myself used to be an Enid Blyton kid. But my first reading experience was actually triggered when Dad got me a comic, Beano. I have been reading Beano since young! I’ve seen Dandy ( I read that too 🙂 of course!) on the local bookstore lately but was unable to find Beano. The store assistants have not even heard of it, can you believe it!!


The Beano – Great Comic!