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Tailors are Diminishing

posted by constance

When I was growing up, tailored clothes were very in. My mom would bring my sister and I, 6 months before the festive occasions to get measurements for clothes. We’d be there about once a month for the next two months to try and let the tailor fine-tune and make any other adjustments, if neccessary, before she adds the finishing touches. And we get our tailored clothes usually few months before our festive occassions.

Nowadays, many do not go to the tailor as often. There are many ready made clothes in all sizes and fits for all. When I passed by an old tailor shop, I miss the fuss of the measuring tape that was used. Many tailors are getting old and the new ones who can sew aren’t interested. Those who are, are moving into glamourous jobs like merchandising, designing and image consultants for branded clothing.

The other day, hubby wanted to alter his pair of trousers he wears for work. This is his 3rd pair he had request altering in the last few months. Gosh, his waist and hip size is definitely growing. I suggest he better watch his weight and take some Orovo detox or do some exercise. Otherwise he might not be able to buy from his favourite retail store in future. Then I would have to bring him over to have his trousers tailor-made!


White Tigers Mauled Man in Zoo

posted by constance

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me an sms. She said that there was some big news in the Singapore zoo. Apparently, a worker had been mauled to death by the white tigers in the zoo.

True enough, when I watched the news on TV it reported that this worker – a 32 year old contract worker who is Malaysian by citizen had died after the incident. Reports also mentioned that this worker had been acting strangely and was throwing some papers around as well as act disturbed prior to his death.

He had jumped into the moat that surrounded the Tigers’ enclosure. He then walked up to the tigers and swinged the broom and agitate the tigers. That prompted 2 of the 3 tigers to attack him, bit him somewhere in the back, where he had covered his head with a bucket (see newspaper report below). He had curled up in a foetal position.

There were onlookers and some had actually thought it was a zoo show but only later they realized it was not when many zoo keepers were alerted and tried to distract the tigers.

It must have been very frightening for visitors, especially when they were in the zoo for a relaxing holiday. And I’m sure there must have been kids around too. Lucky it wasn’t a weekend where the crowd is more.

I love to watch the white tigers whenever I go to the zoo because white tigers are very rare and they look so beautiful. I wonder if they will do anything to them.. After all, it is not their fault. The worker had been agitating them so it is only natural these wild animals react.


Old Style Internet Kopitiam

posted by constance

It was one of those Katong trips I went weeks ago that I spotted something that is very rare in Singapore. As everyone would know, Singapore has many malls, shopping centres and its share of Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Mc Cafe and many many modern rocket sky buildings that offers wifi surfing free.

You can even surf in the West Coast by the beach or sit next to the BBQ pit and check your email. So what I found here is just shockingly hilarious that still exist in Singapore. But of course it is in Katong, my little gem of 70s living in Concrete Singapore.

LOOK! This is a picture of an internet cafe, that looks so incredibly DIFFERENT with mismatched tables, chairs in an old shophouse and the best part? An Old Man manning the place! Wooo hooo! The signage reads RED HOT Internet Cafe, possibly the cheapest because it costs only $1.00 for an hour’s usage! It’s really an internet cafe but more like an old kopitiam sort because look at the old coffee pot on the shelf! The old man also makes the coffee using this style!

Old Style Modern Convenience – COOL!  I ADORE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!

What’s your view?? LOL!


Suicide Attempt Unsuccessful…

posted by constance

And Safety For Another Foiled..

I was reading yesterday’s newspaper about a woman who tried to kill herself. Well, this woman, a Taiwanese tried to commit suicide by jumping from a rooftop. She was Ms Kuo, 64, jumped from a five storey apartment building in near Taipei in this city called Chungho at about 2pm last Saturday (26th Aug). She was reported to have been ill and also attempted to commit suicide several times.

Although I am not the sort who would go into preaching, I felt that perhaps it is not the right time for her to die. If she had really been unlucky, she would have been dead in her earlier attempts. Even in this attempt of suicide, she was not successful in her death wish either. She had been given many chances to be alive but this poor woman had only that one motive in her mind, to be dead. That is so sad.

Did you really know what happened? Another woman Ms Lee, aged 53 who had just returned home with her husband, had been walking just on the ground level on that particular building. She moved below under the awning to avoid an oncoming vehicle just then. But her attempt to stay alive was foiled by Ms Kuo who jumped from the building, and fell on her. Suffering a brain haemorrhage, she died in the hospital.

We don’t really plan our lives and deaths. Just like the report above, one who do not want to die could not really avoid it at all. Had she not moved under the awning, she would have been knocked down by the oncoming vehicle. And the person who inflicted death punishment on herself is still alive. The big man up there is the person who has it all in his hands. He probably had it all mapped out.

In yesterday’s papers, it reported that an average or one suicide happens in every two hours. Last year alone, 3,900 Taiwanese killed themselves, and in Asia, Taiwan has one of the highest suicide rates!


Hula Hula Hoop

posted by constance

There was a little promotion just outside the supermarket yesterday. It was a new product of energy drink, similar like H2O or Gatorade. I do drink H2O but only if I play tennis. Other than that, I don’t really consume it. Yesterday, at the promotion, the organisers was asking the public to compete in the Hula Hoop contest. With a given time, they need to compete for the most hula hoop rounds done. The top of the list was held by someone at 150 at that time. Anyone can just go over to try it out. If you beat the best score, you get a hamper but if you don’t you walk a way with a free bottle of the energy drink. There was a 7 year old boy who tried. He couldn’t hula hoop, actually but it was just for the fun of it. His maid also tried, made 3 hoops and got a drink. Then the mother came and astonishingly did 105 hoops. Wow! Although she didn’t beat the high score, though she looked like she had fun. The best part was actually watching an elderly lady who tried to hula hoop! She was really a sport! I even took a snapshot of her here! Hurrah to the Lady!