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Just Blogging

posted by constance

Now that a local supermart that I go to everyday has closed for redevelopment, I have made the changes and pop by to the local wet market instead. There are lots of gems in this market of course, just that it takes a longer time to move around with the different levels between shops and bigger ‘township’. The other difference is that there is no air-conditioning but I’ve long adjusted to that since we stop air-conditioning at home when utility bills went up, up and up. And the latest I heard, the petrol going on it’s 20yr high meant the next quarter utility bill to be at it’s 20year high too! *thumbs-down*. One consolation is that I save on car park fees, an ideal Singaporean situation.

I collect kilos of beansprouts from a very masculine lady and her ‘girl-friend’. They are both very accomodating and she arranges my sprouts with this dry provision uncle for me when I go late in the weekends when they have already closed for the day. I then walk to the other end to get other stuffs. Last Wednesday, I decided to bring my two girls along as a marketing cum brunch outing since it is the school holiday and they were really bored at home. And at the car park, the girls cheekily fooled along a life-size banner that were thrown at the back lane. So, I grab my camera and shot this.


I bet they had great fun.


Kids’ Baking Fun

posted by constance

If you read my food blog on my Pink cupcake using premix – Strawberry Tropics Cake, perhaps you might want to get them for your kids’ baking fun experience. I did that one wednesday last month when I was off from work. Rae’s friend had been visiting and is quite a regular at our home. I decided to get the kids to do something so baking seemed fun and since it was a premix, it was simple. They loved it of course, from the beating, adding ingredients, putting them into cups and eating them of course!

kids baking

Oh, of course kids can create a SPECIAL kind of MESS so it would be good if you can get them to do all that mixing outside. I did that in the balcony from the kitchen because I can give the table and floor a good scrub after that..


Little Private Investigator at Work

posted by constance

Besides being a Super Hero, my youngest daughter has ambitions to be a private investigator too. She wants to solve cases and work on clues. Pretty inquisitive, she is.. Can you imagine that one afternoon after work, she pulled my hand from the kitchen, where I was and tells me that she found some clues at home.. Hmmm I was puzzled so I went along and checked it out.. Here are photos I took as she led me along the clues… *pssst.. she planted those clues actually…*

Look Mom! Here looky looky.. some things on the staircase…


What do you think they are? Let’s find out.. follow it okie? Looks like grapes…


Ooh.. plastic french fries..


Found a peanut! Wow..


A purple fish too!


That looks like a plastic chicken drumstick! Someone must have been gorging on food.. plastic food…


Hey.. it leads to Jie Jie’s (sister) bed!


The Culprit is Asleep.. she must have ate them and fell asleep! Naughty Naughty!


Now, does she have the potential to be a PI now? Or she can learn to be a film director instead?


Late Mother’s Day Post

posted by constance

Lea’s gift for me was a pasta-stringed bracelet done in school. I wore that to the restaurant, of course (minus the tag). Rae made a card with shimmering words.

It is already third week of May and this post comes too late, I know. But then I still want to blog about it since this sort of records down some memorable things for me.

It was Mother’s Day two Sundays ago. We had lunch at Hoshi at IMM. I think Ah Boy wanted to have their Japanese Buffet but apparently on that very day, they didn’t have that but some Mother’s Day set. We decided to go for Ala Carte. The restaurant was pretty busy and they were short of manpower. It took some time before we could have our orders taken but it was alright. The manager was very friendly. If they had not changed their management since their opening, I have this gut feeling that the management of this Japanese Restaurant were the same people I worked with during my schooldays, waiting on tables for pocket money. More than 15 years ago or perhaps 20, I even remembered helping the manager of this restaurant do some lunch flyers too. That means it must be almost 20 years that the restaurant had been around ever since.

[pic: Hoshi Japanese Restaurant, Lea using chopsticks to eat]

Anyways, the food in the restaurant were just average, like fast food Japanese sushi chain. Frankly, I would have prefered to go Sake Sushi to have their succulent Beef Ribeye.

Ah Boy ordered a Pork Sukiyaki something and I think we expected something more than just everything in the hot plate.. perhaps we expeced like an individual grill, condiments at the side? He was given some raw eggs to add but with shortage of manpower, the hot plate doesn’t seemed too hot so how to cook the raw egg in there? Hmm never mind. Ah Boy wasn’t fussy that day, luckily. He thought the gravy was pretty tasty. We ordered two sets of Kids’ Bento for the girls and lots of Ala Carte in addition to my Yakiniku Beef. Among the items we ordered were Tonkatsu, Shishamo, Yakitoris and I would have loved to order some Deep fried Soft Shell Crab and Grilled Unagi but I always order those so for a change I did not, on that day.

[pic above: Yakitori Chicken, Pork Sukiyaki ( i took this a little late after we stirred and made a]

[pic above: deep fried items: Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) and Shishamo (deepfried Shishamo fish]

[pic above: Beef Yakiniku]

Food – Average, Service was actually very good there but on a busy day, some sacrifice had to be made, like long waiting time for orders and food. Still, they had pretty pleasant and polite wait staffs. Price, well not expensive, I guess. We paid about $80+ for 3 adults and 2 kids, so pretty cheap. If only they had the buffet that day. Meals like these are available everywhere in Singapore.


Does Your Kid Love the Library?

posted by constance

Both my girls love to go to the library. The community libraries in Singapore is amazing. You can find one in every town and there’s bound to be 2 or 3 nearby where you live. We love to visit the one at Choa Chu Kang because it is new, and there are lots of books and the place is so comfy. Most of all, my girls love the place because of the various activities and storytelling they have there.

During the holidays, I will register them both for storytelling that usually involves some simple craftwork. Registration is cheap like $2.00 or $3.00 per person. These include a free little bag, a small gift, some materials for arts and crafts and a storytelling session. The last time they went to the library for storytelling and craft session, it was about Ladybugs. Now they are into Ladybugs and would go to the library looking for stories about Ladybugs.

It is good to expose your kids to reading and library trips when they are young. These will instil a good reading habit in them. I love the library because I can borrow all that lovely novels too. Saves a lot of money buying but I do buy the books for collection after reading them at the library. Love to collect books at mint condition..,.


My Little Model Missy

posted by constance

I was busy yesterday afternoon clearing out my two large wooden chests in the room. I had sent my current sling bag for wash that I thought of looking for another one for the timebeing. That was when I decided to clean out the two treasure chest boxes. When I opened it up, I realised that over the years, I really had been buying so many bags!

These bags are in ONE chest. See, all the bags are all crushed inside as many as possible. I still have another chestbox but mostly filled with laptop/seminar/document/briefcase bags mostly boring in blacks.

I saw some bags that were really in new condition and even one that had not been unwrapped at all! Look at this one here! A doggy bag… I had no idea when I got this.. was it a gift? It was still wrapped in white tissue and it was wrapped securely in a those drawstring dustbag.

It took me a few hours to clean the bags one by one and when I was busy doing that, Lea popped into the room to look at my bags. She tried on every bag I had that she thought was suitable for her and started to pose in front of the mirror! Then I quickly grabbed my mobile phone and snapped her because she was moving and trying out bags and posing like she was a model!

It was hilarious and I tried to take them as fast as I could as she was really dashing away and moving quite a lot.



posted by constance

I haven’t really been spending much time blogging. Spent most part of the day with chores and neverending chores. Cleaning up the kids is an ongoing process especially now they are hanging out at home and messing up the place more. I can’t wait for Sunday when Daddy is in so he can distract the girls or bring them out. I need some rest or at least clean the place up without the girls asking for snacks, water, help wipe up after poo and more.

After washing out the rugs this morning, I’m feeling so exhausted. And the sheets needed to be changed.. Gosh, and the kids.. they are becoming a nightmare…hahahahaha

Ask them to pose, and you get this!

C’mon.. pose with a smile..

Lea with chocolate-filled mouth

I promise I’ll look at their cute pics and laugh over it before I yank the cane..


Barney & Friends

posted by constance

On Tuesday, I brought the girls to the mall to watch Barney & Friends. Barney is Lea’s favourite character. Rae used to liked it but she has grown out of it and is now a fan of High School Musical and older stuff.

We left home after 11am because I had to drop by Lea’s school to pick up her Concert DVD and I had to go to the bank too. It was wrong timing because being early in the week and first few days in the month, the queues are terribly long. The girls were impatient and they whined so often from being tired, why-so-long and hungry. I had no time to cook lunch because in the morning I had few other things to do before getting them ready for the Barney show. I managed to cash out a cheque after an hour of queuing and we quickly drove to the mall next building. I would have preferred to walk but I had the girls’ library books and a bag with water and their stuff, I don’t think I can handle so many things and them with crossing the road as well.

Lucky the lower basement car park wasn’t full. We took the elevator right to the top floor to drop off the heavy books I was carrying and walked down the escalator to Level 1 for the show. The place was packed, there was no way I could get the kids to sit in the atrium. A guard managed to make some way for them to go in and sit at the corner but the loud music kept Lea holding on to me frightened because the speaker was just there. So I had to carry her to watch the show while Rae got a nice spot.

Once the show finished, I brought them to Sakae Sushi as they both love sushis. Then we walked around a little and bought some little stuff for the girls and got home. It was 4pm when we got home, and I had not decided what to cook for dinner. Gosh, then it was back to my frenzy home cooking, chores and kids washing up.


Crocs Footwear and Cool Designs

posted by constance

I was in the mall recently and there was a design exhibition on Crocs footwear. Years ago, Crocs was very popular (still is!) and everyone wanted one. The demand was so good there were even fake ‘Crocs’ on sale at less than $6.00 in the markets, those Made in China copycats.

It was great for outdoor and in places near the pool, beach and is comforatable to wear. However the only thing that alerted many parents and public is that these shoes can be dangerous if they are worn on escalators as they are soft and flexible to be pulled into the escalator trappings at the side. Some kids apparently have had toes pulled in and some reported mangled toes and other foot injuries.

However, Crocs remain a popular footgear for many till today. We do need to understand that even if we don’t wear Crocs, other shoes or slippers may tend to get caught in the trappings too. It is about knowing how to spot the dangers and self responsibility when you buy any product. We can’t blame the shoe manufacturer if we want to wear shoes that are not meant for certain conditions or enviroment. Like wearing a shoe with plastic base on oily surface. We are bound to slip of course. Also if you are on the escalator, we definitely should be putting our feet right in the center of the steps and not move near dangerous spots.

A pair of Crocs may not come cheap but they certainly are very comfy and is safe in places like poolside and slippery grounds. I saw they even have Crocs handbag, very cool actually. That would be so perfect for marketing and beach too!

The Designing Competition displayed some very interesting Crocs design.

Check out these Crocs!

Puffer fish theme

Durian Crocs! Very Original!

How about a Green Theme?

Sweet Candy Crocs! I like it!

Hmm.. I wonder if this theme is more Christmas, Chinese New Year or Chinese Wedding..

Hahahaha Crocs for Tarzan? ohhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Pretty Candy theme, I think. Flowers and Lollies..

I like this best! Colour Palette!!! Artists in France can have this on their feet!
hehehe So Cute this one!

Don’t you think those shoes were creative?

and now, these below are the amateurs…heeheehee

Besides this professional design competition, there was also a fun Design A Crocs for children on the spot. They placed tables and allowed kids to register and have fun crafting out their designs on large Crocs’ slippers which can be brought home after that. There were glue, glitters, ribbons, dye pens and cute stuff for you to use.

I honestly don’t know what Rae and Lea were trying to do but they both enjoyed it! LOL!


A No Frills Ice Cream Cake for Rae

posted by constance

Remember when I posted on Saturday that I was busy baking a cake for Rae? Well, I baked a chocolate cake for her, just simply done. It was a cocoa cake that has been in our family tradition for years and this time I alternate the layers with ice cream because Rae wanted to have Ice cream cake. She asked for a whole lot of things for a cake but I’m not a pâtisier so I think that is just too impossible.. hahaha

Rae and the Ice cream Cake I made

Rae blows on the candles.. She is 8 years now! Yippeeee!

What Method? No Special Method! The secret lies in the layers only!

Chocolate cake, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate cake and Strawberry Ice Cream and Cake sprinklies

All I did was just to layer ice cream over the cake layers but I probably had too many layers because it was a little hard to cut. hahahaha  I wanted to frost it with cream frosting but because we were out on Sunday and by the time we got home I was too tired and lazy to do it so I just covered it with some Bento Barans/Divider sheets to hide the bottom part and leave the Pink ice cream on the top.. Sprinkled some colours and it’s ready.. Easy right? I bought some candles that had pink heart prints because Rae loves hearts and everything that is pink!

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