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I met some bloggers and PGHK members

posted by constance

During the trip to Penang this time, I managed to meet up with few bloggers/PGHK members. The last trip back in June, I only met up with Dragon, Taoju and Arabai Jop. This time, Laksa UK was also back in Penang. It is quite rare for me to meet up PGHK members as most of their gatherings are done during the Chinese New Year and I am usually not going back Penang since we don’t get as much days off compared with Malaysians during festive period.

We reached Penang in the wee hours about 2am on Tue morning (read about the journey home) after the evening drive all the way from Singapore. I only got a few hours of nap because we wanted to do alot of things and also visit some relatives plus family time.

On the following day, I managed to arrange an evening coffee chat with Laksa Sue, Angeleyes, ArabaiJop and their children. It reminded me of those Mommys arranging for playgroup for

Laksa Sue came with her handsome son Ian, Angeleyes with her adorable Darrius and Arabai arrived with her lovely cherubic daughter Jovie. My girls were all crowding around Darrius at first (Ian was downstairs with Mommy ordering drinks). Look at Darrius! He is so cute and adorable.. I was worried he would cry cos my girls were all hovering around him! You see, Lea and Rae loves young young kids and babies and I have to keep reminding my power girls to be gentle with younger kids.

Took some shots before Darrius finally smiles for the camera… hahaha¬† We all shouted for Laksa (instead of Cheese) and very soon Laksa Sue came up with Ian and drinks.

Ian was a little shy.. avoiding eye contacts most of the time.. but he too soon warm up and began playing with active Darrius! Oops a board fell down when Darrius climbed on the seats.. I hope it didn’t hit on his head.. He cried briefly perhaps from the shock and Mommy Angeleyes said from ‘guilt’

Litte Jovie came with Mommy Arabai.. who is really great with a pram, a haversack and little Jovie, she managed to even bring those stuff upstairs where we were sitting! Geng Woman! My girls then shifted their attention on little Jovie.. boy, my girls really love her.. I also dunno why my younger Lea had a pack of that Baby Rice cracker that Arabai brought along for Jovie.. I was too distracted and had so much fun with Laksa, Angeleyes and Arabai.

The following day, I was spending much of my day in Tesco and picking up my Tau Sar Pniah and Mee Koo that I didn’t have time to go with Laksa to meet up Jamie.. I wonder if they did.

Shout for Laksa -Take 1 (Rae left, Lea right, Darrius centre)

Shout for Laksa -Take 2 (Darrius just stared! hehehe)

Shout for Laksa -Take 3 (Darrius looked even more sulky eh? Was worried he was gonna cry ~~)

Shout for Laksa louder (Yes, Darrius finally smiles!)

Ian finally joins in and all said Laksa and Hokkien Mee!!! Then Laksa Sue finally came up with her drinks..

Arabai Jop with Baby Jovie in the picture when she arrived a little later.

I didn’t know that Coffee Bean’s drinks were priced so high in Malaysia.. I bought an Ice blended Coffee and two Ice blended Chocolate and they cost me about RM$35 in total… daylight robbery! I probably pay under $12 for all three in SG!

The next day in the evening, Nancy popped by my house briefly after she attended to her dad. Nancy is a PGHK member and I had not met her in person before but we’ve chatted like old friends on yahoo, msn and skype for the past two years. It was very thoughtful of you Nancy to drop by although you had stuff to do at home. I really appreciate that. Thanks for making time for me. Perhaps when I have a longer vacation in Penang we can arrange to meet up for a meal then.


Heart Shaped Stones

posted by constance

I would like to share with you this collection of little stones, pebbles, rocks and the like. No, this is not my collection but belongs to a very dear friend of mine. Can you believe that she has such an eye for these whenever she take her walks by the beach!

It is very hard to come across those that are so similarly shaped like a heart! Is it meant to be a sign from God? She gave quite a few away to her family members too. There is no stopping her finding these beautiful rocks! I am sure one day she will have such a large collection, she might be able to have an exhibition!

I think they are really a pretty sight too!