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My Last Bake

posted by constance


It feels like years since I last baked. I guess being busy means I get less time to do that. Each time I shop for groceries, my mind is never far from wanting to bake, bake, bake! Each time they put any kind of delicious butter up for a promo, I thought of storing up for my next bake. And each time when I walk past the baking supplier, I can’t help but pop in for a short while just to check out what kind of new paper cups or new decors for baking… I feel so deprived, not baking but what can I do.. I am so exhausted with work and even my off days are burnt with getting supplies, preparation or spending time with my kids’ homework or just having dinner with them, which I enjoy and will not sacrifice any thing for it.

I am lucky to have taken this photo, my last bake in March.. ( I wonder if I will succeed baking another one before the third week of this month). It is because I will be moving, by then. Different place with a new oven but I will miss this current oven (in picture above) having baked so many cakes, desserts, meals, cookies and bread in them? I also dried my tomatoes for homemade sundried tomatoes (which was so delicious). If there is no more last bake, then it’s farewell my little oven.


My Little Decorator

posted by constance

cupcake girl

I was uploading and backing up some pics when I came across this one. A girl and a cake. Oh, I mean, my girl and her cake. She always insists that she wants to decorate her own cake whenever I am in the kitchen baking and decorating. So I normally just let her do what she wants. Pretty pleased with her cake, she asked me to take this photo of her with hers. I can’t say no, can I? Sometimes she eats all the chocolate chips leaving me little left for my decors… and yes, she ate more of it than do the decor…

She named hers Pink Snowman Cake…


My Pink Bakes

posted by constance

Did any of you see my recent postings at my food blog? Well i’ve been baking all pink the past week! Before long, I will have to rename Fad About Food to Fad About Pink! The latest bake was an Oreo cheesecake and I did a Pink frosting using Pink food colouring and Raspberry Jam! The tangy frosting was really nice and the girls love it!


Just today alone, I went to get Grape flavoured paste as well as Orange ones… I can’t wait to try out the new colours! I still have not tried baking the 9 layer cake yet.. (Kao Chan Kueh). And there are so many things I want to try too. I wonder if this phase will continue till when? Perhaps till I’m broke! Cake ingredients are super expensive. Butter, Whipping Creams and Cheese are all very costly nowadays.

Do you like to cook?


Profiteroles.. Cream Puff

posted by constance

Was in my baking mood this morning. Sourced for cream puffs after drooling them at the bakeries. I rushed out to the local mart to get some plain flour. I have so many types of flour at home but no plain flour.. what happenend? Oversight..

I got a pack of custard powder as well not quite sure if I wanted to make custard, whipped cream filling. Decisions, decisions. See how my mood goes and if the puffs come out right. I wanted to get Mangoes to fill it with mangoes and cream but they aren’t in season. The Australian mangoes cost 4.90 each.. Bummer..

So finally done with the Cream Puffs, filled it with custard and made one with Ice Cream for photoshoot record. Yummy, Rae said. Want the recipe? it’s here.

Look, I think the cream puffs came out better than I expected. I will try it with Coffee Cream next!


Second Day At Genting Highlands

posted by constance

My girls really liked Genting Highlands a lot. Perhaps it is because there are so many things happening there and it was so full of people adding to the excitement. And many game rides in the amusements are concentrated in one place alone. We’ve been there almost every year yet not tired of this place at all.

Pictures below: The view of the golf course from the coffee house while having breakfast, Random shot of cheeky kids.

The food at Genting was really overpriced most of the time. It was like that decades ago and till today their prices were marked high. Imagine, a simple meal of Hainanese fare like these cost $150. Some Hainan Cafe. Blood suckers. I was more interested in their retro mosaic flooring…hehehe

The indoor area was packed with the holiday crowd. Can’t see much with such a crowd. The Market Food Street seems to have been reduced in sized, or so I thought. Years back I thought it was a little bigger with more food stalls in there.

When we were there, we paid a visit to the Snow World for some snow fun. Frankly I was feeling yucky about the experience because before one can enter, you have to put on their winter jackets, gloves and snow boots. And those stuff were just worn earlier in the previous session and some of them are still wet and soggy. They weren’t dried and were left hanging on the clothes’ hangers, and some of them were on the floor. But with the kids pestering to go, we just close a blind eye, telling myself I’ll go back and disinfect the kids’ clothes later. sigh.. i didn’t have socks on myself so putting on the cold soggy boots was the ultimate yucks!

It was really cold in there but the kids loved it. They tried to make snowballs, snowman and built snow castles. There were free yoghurt and ice cream vouchers given to us at the refreshment bar inside Snow World but that was madness!

Brrr….It is soooo cold! My hands are freezing!!

Snow playing session lasted only less than an hour but even being there for 10 minutes I could have sworn I was gonna be frozen stiff already. Picture taking was not allowed but we asked the photographer to take some paid shots for keeps.

We also visited the Theme Park. We paid for the unlimited outdoor Theme Park tickets. In fact, we’ve been there quite a few times and most of the times, it was only my helper and Rae going on these rides. Perhaps that was because we have outgrown taking rides and may not be able to take to too much excitement now, compared with when in our youth.

Rides my kids enjoy.

There was a small chocolate house and the girls insisted they wanted to go in. There wasn’t much action there nor games except for backdrops of lots of chocolates, good for photo taking and also chocolates that were on sale.

We enjoyed watching the kids enjoy their rides, screaming with joy and also some entertainers dressed in clowns, as tall men and also one of a native hunter. This native hunter scared the shit of many people because of the way he sneaked behind people unaware! Ha Ha Ha! That was pretty good fun too!

Watch out for the native hunter…. as he sneak up on you..   Oops! too late..hahahah

Most of the rides had long queues.. which turned us and many away. We even queued to sit on the Monorail but after 30 minutes or more of waiting in long queues, it never showed up at all. I figured they probably had too few monorails now compared to previously when the trains arrived at short intervals. We decided to skip that.

It was exhausting and the girls were tired by afternoon. We searched high and low for some place for the kids to rest but there were shortage of resting places.. And the cafes like Starbucks were all full. We decided to watch people do some bowling on one of the top floors so the kids can sit down and rest their aching feet. Lea had fallen asleep and had to be carried.. After an early dinner, we decided to go back down Awana. And lucky we drove up on the second day because I’m pretty sure the queues at the cable rides and shuttle would be just as packed!


Would You Like To Eat That

posted by constance

I love to see those fancy food sculpture that is usually displayed on Japanese Restaurants. They look very realistic. Some of them are made from real food ingredient like flour but they are of course without seasoning.

When I brought the girls out to buy their favourite Old Chang Kee curry puffs, I saw this kiosk selling Pork Belly in Bread Dumplings. These are very popular in Chinese restaurants too but this kiosk sells them as snacks. What amazed me was their food dislplay at the side! Look, a GIANT BREAD DUMPLING! It is really big! They should make a large one like that for special occasions too! hehehe!

Big Mantou


A No Frills Ice Cream Cake for Rae

posted by constance

Remember when I posted on Saturday that I was busy baking a cake for Rae? Well, I baked a chocolate cake for her, just simply done. It was a cocoa cake that has been in our family tradition for years and this time I alternate the layers with ice cream because Rae wanted to have Ice cream cake. She asked for a whole lot of things for a cake but I’m not a pâtisier so I think that is just too impossible.. hahaha

Rae and the Ice cream Cake I made

Rae blows on the candles.. She is 8 years now! Yippeeee!

What Method? No Special Method! The secret lies in the layers only!

Chocolate cake, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate cake and Strawberry Ice Cream and Cake sprinklies

All I did was just to layer ice cream over the cake layers but I probably had too many layers because it was a little hard to cut. hahahaha  I wanted to frost it with cream frosting but because we were out on Sunday and by the time we got home I was too tired and lazy to do it so I just covered it with some Bento Barans/Divider sheets to hide the bottom part and leave the Pink ice cream on the top.. Sprinkled some colours and it’s ready.. Easy right? I bought some candles that had pink heart prints because Rae loves hearts and everything that is pink!

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Globetrotters II

posted by constance

This is the continuation of the Globetrotters’ post. I wanted to write about the food and experience than Rae’s DIY Pizza so before my laziness kicks in again, I better do it now.

Frankly, the food is just average. This is not really a place where food is the main factor that brings the crowd, but it is the overall concept of a restaurant where parents can bring their kids and the kids have fun

while the parents relax, eat their meals and watch their children play or in a session of workshop. This restaurant has staff trained to entertain kids so you don’t have to worry about asking your child to sit in his chair or not run about the place. Here in Globetrotters, the staff plays with the kids voluntarily.

The minestrone soup (it tasted like watered down tomato juice!)

The food we ordered taste average but they try hard to offer food from all around the world. From curries, western fare, italian, mediterranean, local fare, they have it.

I ordered a turkish bread dish which is similar to pizza, but it’s shaped oblong instead of round. They called it Pide. Mine was a Meat Pide (pronounced: Pee day). It was quite nice, very much like a soft pizza base with meat topping and cheese. We ordered the Nuggets for Lea, she loves it except the fries. She won’t eat any other kinds of fries except McDonalds and Mos Burgers’. We also ordered a Red Curry Chicken and Chicken Masala lunch sets.

The Chicken Masala was terrible. Dry and tasted like eating cardboard. There was no gravy so can you imagine having a dry chicken cutlet with white rice (hidden below the chicken). The little gravy that was visible in the picture clinged on to the Chicken as if it had been sitting there drying for an hour.  The Red Curry Chicken was much better and everyone grabbed the prawn crackers for redemption after trying the Chicken Masala…

Perhaps the reason we went there was for the girls. They had fun in the playroom, met some new friends. That made eating more enjoyable for them, I guess.

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DIY Pizza at Globetrotters

posted by constance

It was Rae’s birthday yesterday. Daddy had taken leave from work and we brought her to Globetrotters for lunch. She had wanted to celebrate her birthday with a party but this year we are not up to it. It is also the start of the school holidays and many of her friends will not be around.

Globetrotters is a family restaurant that caters to adults and parents with young kids. It is similar to what Marche (in terms of a place suitable for kids) as they provided a playroom for the children so parents can eat in peace. They sometimes have workshops for kids like craft and cooking and their staffs are all employed to be kids’ friendly.

Rae was excited because she wanted to have pizza. in Globetrotters, kids can choose the DIY pizza in the kids’ menu. Kids can sit at the pizza bar and decorate their own pizza and once it is oven baked, it will be brought to our table. It was fun for her of course, although she chose the most commom ingredients she liked, ham and double cheese. Kids don’t like all that olives and other stuff, perhaps…hahaha  She could have made it at home but it was a fun time for her to decorate it there. That is the novelty.

The kids made a new friend in the playroom and kept goin in and out of the room to eat and play. Check out the pics!

At the pizza bar, she arranges the ham…

… then the cheese.

Then shows off her pizza before baking.
The staff was friendly and asked me to take pictures behind the bar.

Rae’s Pizza, it was so yummy, she finished all albeit one slice which she gave to Lea.

I will post more about Globetrotters Restaurant in my next post, otherwise this will be too lengthy!


Too Much Food

posted by constance

This is a picture I took weeks ago when we went for a weekend lunch. For a table of parents, maid and two young kids who nibbles on their food, we are having a lot of food! When hubby gets his day off, he wants to tuck in into his favourite foods and on that very day, he just couldn’t decide which of the dishes to pick. I was shocked when he ordered a Curry Fish Head curry, Bak Kut Teh and even a roast meat platter for main dishes. Not counting a vegetable stirfry and tofu that is not in the picture. This is very heavy indeed, don’t you think so. I didn’t want to ruined his comfort foods so I let him enjoy. I think I ate too much then too and the thought of diet pills conjure in my mind right after that! *burp*