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I took this pic of my daughter when she was being very…herself. I had just dropped my girl at the tuition centre when Lea just couldn’t control but helped herself to the comfy large sofas there! She is like that, grabbing every opportunity to crawl and lie or sleep on sofas, beds, chairs and furnitures that are in the showroom displays! I feel worried sometimes. She does that on the small sofas in shoe shops too. She would be the official tester and tell you if the piece of furniture is worth the ‘play’.. lol  And if they are comfy enough, “why not just buy one set, mummy?”


Some find

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I found this pic among the extensive photos of my family. I just love the way this pic was taken. Very spontaneous and very ‘mobile’… if you understand what I’m trying to say. Well, most pics are taken with the subjects standing with a pose and purpose. And most of the time we hold our smiles or try to do somekind of action but this pic…hmmm this is everything not like it… And I think I would very much like to print it out and put it on a photo frame for our display! A great find…

Also I hope I can find some time looking thru for more goodie pix that I’ve chucked into a carton box…everything of our family photos, trips, celebrations, events and etc are there. I should digitize them, really!


Year of the Snake? No it’s Dragon

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After a two weeks’ holiday in Penang, we find ourselves left with remaining two weeks before welcoming the Year 2012. I am filled with a sense of regret, emotional pain because I can never turn back the clock to the time we had resided in our old home, the last one that I actually felt very much for. But I shall move forward and wish for better year, years if not, a wonderful year of the Dragon… I hope it will bring everyone auspicious luck. After the Dragon, it will be the Snake year but it seems like my girls are all already welcoming the following year eagerly. Rae had been pleading me non stop to let her take photos after photos with Snakes.. not small ones like Lea in this pic..

(this one is a wooden snake).


Rae, well, she wants to take pics with the heavy large ones like python and the like. Sorry I’m not a snake person so I can’t differentiate between a python, anaconda or any other similar looking reptile that resembles a snake. Long and err… long crawly wet snakey snake? Check out this pic below… scary..



A Sweet Enticer

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My girls hardly get a haircut because they insisted they want to keep their hair long. Most especially, my younger one. She would tell me that she’d look like a ‘boy’ if her hair is cut short.. so I normally take some time to persuade her before she agrees to go to the salon. She also is so fussy about the salon she goes, nit-picking the salon staff, stylists, interior and so forth as we move from one salon to another. After peeking into 4 salons in the district, she finally agrees to patronize this one because there was a younger child on a child booster seat having her hair cut with her daddy right next to her.. Oh well, after going in, no worries because she chose the seat location that has the bowl of sweets! What an enticer!


And after that, it was a breeze. My elder one has no problem with any salon so she gets to go on the other seat and they both then have their hair cut simultaneously. I suppose these will only be a while because I’m pretty sure when they have grown up to be young women, they’d be wanting to splurge on the luxury of hair trends, styles and colours!


My Little Decorator

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cupcake girl

I was uploading and backing up some pics when I came across this one. A girl and a cake. Oh, I mean, my girl and her cake. She always insists that she wants to decorate her own cake whenever I am in the kitchen baking and decorating. So I normally just let her do what she wants. Pretty pleased with her cake, she asked me to take this photo of her with hers. I can’t say no, can I? Sometimes she eats all the chocolate chips leaving me little left for my decors… and yes, she ate more of it than do the decor…

She named hers Pink Snowman Cake…


Lea’s Ark

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Lea is set to build the world. She loves playing with legos and can just sit and build all sorts of stuff for hours on end.

Here… my invention!

The other day, she built her own vehicle. Well, I do not really know if it was a big truck, a ship or anything else but she is claiming that this ‘thingy’ is similar to the Singapore Duck tour vehicle, a big vehicle with wheels and that also floats and propels on water. You can take these little city tour from the Suntec City that will bring you to around the city region then it goes into the Singapore river.. Mind you, as it goes down the steps, it can get a big bumpy.. Both my girls have taken these rides via their kindy/school excursions but not me… perhaps I shall one day.

And so, a Lego vehicle it shall be. Oh and did I mention that this is also a transportation of some kind for her farm animals.. so it is also a Noah’s Ark Vehicle, all rolled up in 1!

Them animals are taking a ride too! Taking a breather, windows and stepping up to view the world…

Not too cosy inside but one animal each is fine… Donkey, Giraffey, Zebry and Horsey


Happy Mid Autumn Festival

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Lea wailed her eyes out on Tuesday late afternoon on the phone with me. “Mummy, you have not bought any lantern for me to bring over to school tomorrow for the lantern festival!! waaahhh”.. sigh.. I had totally forgotten about it, really. I had been so busy at work and all other stuffs on my mind that I didn’t think that the lantern festival date was going to be the following day. After all, I thought I would be off on that day but she told me it will be too late because her lantern festival is in the morning and I would be at work. As a matter of fact, when she called me up, I was also at work.. How and what am I going to do.

I asked the helper to dig out the ‘old’ lanterns but she would not hear of it.. “Mummy, the teacher will punish me because the lantern has no light and the music is dead…waaaahhh..” I told her, why not use the free lanterns that the supermarket gave me the other week, the one sponsored by Resort World.. It’s paper and you could light it up the traditional way… “Mummy… the teachers said no candles and if this is paper, all the other children’s lantern will squash and flatten mine in minutes..waaahhhh”

The other alternative.. call daddy up. “I’m almost reaching work.. is it urgent?” I told him… i’ve stalled the customers by another half hour, anyway. “Please stop by the kids store to get her the lantern I promised.. please… ” And so he did, dropped it at home and Lea was so happy.. phew.

The following day, she was chosen to be on stage with a few others because her lantern was among the interesting ones and many praised her for it… well, lucky thing.. That night on lantern festival, we brought them to the nearby Park by the Reservoir and new Sports Complex for them to show off the lanterns…

Ready to join them? Let’s Go!!


Yippeee… lets be angels and fairies amidst the smokey air..


Posing with lanterns Daddy bought at the last minute yesterday.


Funny thing was, there weren’t many kids with lanterns but there were MANY young adults playing with candles and lighting them all over the park!!


A walk at Riverside

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It is the 8th month in the Chinese Lunar calendar. That means it is a time for mooncakes and lanterns… how wonderful. It is also my birth month where all Librans try to work harder to bring balance and peace.. lol. At least, I am. 

I decided to bring the girls to the Riverside since there are lanterns on display along the Singapore river. It is a nice place to be if you are not in a rush. Couples, tourists and family, all turn up there to celebrate and enjoy the brightly lit up atmosphere.

We had our dinner at a korean joint that sells BBQ chicken. They had Korean Wondergirls blasting Nobody and my girls sang along. They had Black Pepper Chicken, Fish and Chips and Ah Boy had the succulent BBQ Chicken, which was their signature item. The latter really tasted great. The BP Chicken was alright but the Fish tasted really mushy. Not nice. And I had two orders of that, one for Lea and one for myself. What a disappointment. But I enjoyed the dinner overall because it was in the company of my family. This is what I call Blessings.


My Mouse Finally Stops Running…

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I use a book, any kind of book when i use the mouse. All the mousepads I have are either spoilt or look like they have gone through some historical moments! Whenever I can, I grab a magazine, a cook book or the kid’s school text book, whichever is nearer.. my mouse is too sensitive and some of these texture doesn’t help my running mouse.. the curser just won’t heed.

hk mousepad

So when Lea and Rae asked if they can get a new mousepad, I went to the PC shop.. hmmm not interesting, not nice, not green, not pink!! I get so many comments. “So Black”, when I chose one I thought was nice and cool. Errr.. so I didn’t get one until, I went Marketing last week. I saw something they will like. And, it is simply too cheap to refuse. It was err, $2 ++ something… so I got it. A Hello Kitty Mousepad and this pad has a nice texture that stops my mouse from running and got it to walk. A good buy, don’t you think so?


Ion Orchard, Singapore

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My girls have been deprived of going out since we were both so busy running the food business.. I felt bad but I made a pledge to bring them out whenever I can or have any free time. They were ecstatic last week when we told them we were heading Orchard and it was going to be to Ion, the swanky mall. I had not been to Orchard for some months and it was a good time to get acquainted with my favourite shopping area once again.. I miss this place a lot. I miss hanging out at Borders Bistro with my friends and I miss Plaza Singapura’s buzz, CK Tangs basement, Isetan’s supermarket and most of all, I miss walking into Takashimaya checking out the Muji stuff.. do they still carry out Muji’s products?

ion building

So, to Ion we went… gosh it was exhilarating. The colours were just vibrant and the floors shone better than oily T-zone! I was impressed! The route leading to Ion was also brilliant. The designer labels were all there.. hmm I wonder if this place has more labels than Paragon? Not that I am into this but just thinking…. we dined at the foodcourt.. buzzing but apparently some of the kiosks didn’t seemed to have much business.. some were closed! I meant not operating anymore. I heard that the high rental is the reason that you can have a queue on your food items but it is still never enough to make a tidy profit!

After a few hours of jalan jalan, dinner at the basement, we took a breather outdoor along Orchard Road and got the girls some ice creams before we went home. Not a shopping trip but just nice, spending time with the family.

to ion

A pic before we left Ion building.