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Happy Mid Autumn Festival

posted by constance

Lea wailed her eyes out on Tuesday late afternoon on the phone with me. “Mummy, you have not bought any lantern for me to bring over to school tomorrow for the lantern festival!! waaahhh”.. sigh.. I had totally forgotten about it, really. I had been so busy at work and all other stuffs on my mind that I didn’t think that the lantern festival date was going to be the following day. After all, I thought I would be off on that day but she told me it will be too late because her lantern festival is in the morning and I would be at work. As a matter of fact, when she called me up, I was also at work.. How and what am I going to do.

I asked the helper to dig out the ‘old’ lanterns but she would not hear of it.. “Mummy, the teacher will punish me because the lantern has no light and the music is dead…waaaahhh..” I told her, why not use the free lanterns that the supermarket gave me the other week, the one sponsored by Resort World.. It’s paper and you could light it up the traditional way… “Mummy… the teachers said no candles and if this is paper, all the other children’s lantern will squash and flatten mine in minutes..waaahhhh”

The other alternative.. call daddy up. “I’m almost reaching work.. is it urgent?” I told him… i’ve stalled the customers by another half hour, anyway. “Please stop by the kids store to get her the lantern I promised.. please… ” And so he did, dropped it at home and Lea was so happy.. phew.

The following day, she was chosen to be on stage with a few others because her lantern was among the interesting ones and many praised her for it… well, lucky thing.. That night on lantern festival, we brought them to the nearby Park by the Reservoir and new Sports Complex for them to show off the lanterns…

Ready to join them? Let’s Go!!


Yippeee… lets be angels and fairies amidst the smokey air..


Posing with lanterns Daddy bought at the last minute yesterday.


Funny thing was, there weren’t many kids with lanterns but there were MANY young adults playing with candles and lighting them all over the park!!


DIY Cake Decor

posted by constance


If you are those who are really into making DIY cakes or something along that line, you might like The Icing Room. I bumped into this cute little kiosk while going for window shopping for best acne treatment with my family a week ago. I took a quick snap of their kiosk to show you. Bigger than a regular kiosk, this is a place where you can get your best friend’s or mom’s cake, followed by purchase of stuff and finally, put them all together on your own. They provide you your choice cake (plain) and you can start adding creams, decors and etc… I really liked this idea because sometimes when you bake your own cake at home, you get exhausted to do the washing and later on the icing part. You might also end up running here and there to get the ingredients and spend time whipping up the icing cream. Here you can buy your favourite colour piping cream, all the cute little decors to dress up your cake personally. I cannot remember how much they charge but I think you probably pay for the decors and cream and get a little time to decorate there… it’s really cool. If the place is nearer to home, I might want to do a little cake for Rae’s 9th Birthday soon.


Second Day At Genting Highlands

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My girls really liked Genting Highlands a lot. Perhaps it is because there are so many things happening there and it was so full of people adding to the excitement. And many game rides in the amusements are concentrated in one place alone. We’ve been there almost every year yet not tired of this place at all.

Pictures below: The view of the golf course from the coffee house while having breakfast, Random shot of cheeky kids.

The food at Genting was really overpriced most of the time. It was like that decades ago and till today their prices were marked high. Imagine, a simple meal of Hainanese fare like these cost $150. Some Hainan Cafe. Blood suckers. I was more interested in their retro mosaic flooring…hehehe

The indoor area was packed with the holiday crowd. Can’t see much with such a crowd. The Market Food Street seems to have been reduced in sized, or so I thought. Years back I thought it was a little bigger with more food stalls in there.

When we were there, we paid a visit to the Snow World for some snow fun. Frankly I was feeling yucky about the experience because before one can enter, you have to put on their winter jackets, gloves and snow boots. And those stuff were just worn earlier in the previous session and some of them are still wet and soggy. They weren’t dried and were left hanging on the clothes’ hangers, and some of them were on the floor. But with the kids pestering to go, we just close a blind eye, telling myself I’ll go back and disinfect the kids’ clothes later. sigh.. i didn’t have socks on myself so putting on the cold soggy boots was the ultimate yucks!

It was really cold in there but the kids loved it. They tried to make snowballs, snowman and built snow castles. There were free yoghurt and ice cream vouchers given to us at the refreshment bar inside Snow World but that was madness!

Brrr….It is soooo cold! My hands are freezing!!

Snow playing session lasted only less than an hour but even being there for 10 minutes I could have sworn I was gonna be frozen stiff already. Picture taking was not allowed but we asked the photographer to take some paid shots for keeps.

We also visited the Theme Park. We paid for the unlimited outdoor Theme Park tickets. In fact, we’ve been there quite a few times and most of the times, it was only my helper and Rae going on these rides. Perhaps that was because we have outgrown taking rides and may not be able to take to too much excitement now, compared with when in our youth.

Rides my kids enjoy.

There was a small chocolate house and the girls insisted they wanted to go in. There wasn’t much action there nor games except for backdrops of lots of chocolates, good for photo taking and also chocolates that were on sale.

We enjoyed watching the kids enjoy their rides, screaming with joy and also some entertainers dressed in clowns, as tall men and also one of a native hunter. This native hunter scared the shit of many people because of the way he sneaked behind people unaware! Ha Ha Ha! That was pretty good fun too!

Watch out for the native hunter…. as he sneak up on you..   Oops! too late..hahahah

Most of the rides had long queues.. which turned us and many away. We even queued to sit on the Monorail but after 30 minutes or more of waiting in long queues, it never showed up at all. I figured they probably had too few monorails now compared to previously when the trains arrived at short intervals. We decided to skip that.

It was exhausting and the girls were tired by afternoon. We searched high and low for some place for the kids to rest but there were shortage of resting places.. And the cafes like Starbucks were all full. We decided to watch people do some bowling on one of the top floors so the kids can sit down and rest their aching feet. Lea had fallen asleep and had to be carried.. After an early dinner, we decided to go back down Awana. And lucky we drove up on the second day because I’m pretty sure the queues at the cable rides and shuttle would be just as packed!


The Little Nyonya Cast, Sings

posted by constance

My family and I wishes everyone a Gong Xi Fa Cai! Don’t forget to bring those oranges out when visiting! Here’s a pair of Mandarin Oranges offered to you, readers and friends…  I will be taking a few days break from blogging. I will be away to a cool place for a short holiday.

Recently, I bought a CD/DVD set of Chinese New Year songs sung by several MediaCorp TV actors. My two girls wanted them badly because one of the songs featured several casts from The Little Nyonya. It was aired on the local channels too and I also found it on YouTube. I am putting this one up for all my readers, especially those who have watched The Little Nyonya and know who the casts are.

Jeanette Aw, Pierre Png, Qu Yu Wu, Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin and one other actor which I’m not familiar with. Enjoy the song, everyone!


Today is the last day of school before the weekend and Lunar New Year Celebrations. Many offices are closed for the second half of the day and schools celebrate the Pre Chinese New Year festive today.

Parents are allowed to attend the Chinese New Year concert at Lea’s kindy but not for Rae’s primary school. It is every parent’s pride to watch their kids perform on stage. Each class from the nursery to kindy levels performed in groups in this Chinese New Year celebration. Even the teachers put up a dance number and a sketch about the story about firecrackers and why the need for decorations mostly in red.

Before this concert, I was very ignorant about how these colours and firecrackers came about. Perhaps I learnt it during school days but I had totally forgotten about it till today. So the concert was very educational indeed.

Lea and Kids at their Chinese Cheong Sam in school

Kids performing a simple Lion Dance and a Song Performance on stage

Why do we light up firecrackers during Lunar New Year?
Why is Red an auspicious colour?

The story started right from the beginning of Spring festival. Nian is a beast that swallows many people in one mouthful. People were frightened of this beast. An old man came to the people’s rescue, offering help. He reasoned and challenged Nian to swallow other beasts of prey on earth instead of people. The beast then left to pursue attack on other beasts along with the old man, who was believed to be immortal. Before he left, the old man also advised the people to put up lots of decorations in red as it was the colour that the beast was fearful of. The villagers also lighted firecrackers to ward of the beast. This was done to make sure the beast stay clear of them.

Although the beast did not appear a long time after that, the observation for all decorations in red and firecrackers used during this time were carried out in every beginning of spring just in case the beast returned. It continued from generations after generations. It is always a happy celebration as the days of spring passes on when there was no signs of Nian. Hence the Chinese people described this celebration as ‘survive the nian period’, or in Chinese – Guo Nian.

As many generations passed, the people had forgotten the history or legend that came with the Lunar New Year. It became a regular happy celebration, to put up red decorations as well as light up firecrackers. This is what makes Chinese New Year celebration what it is, today.


The Little Nyonya DVD is out now

posted by constance

If you had been watching MediaCorp’s drama Little Nyonya recently on Channel 8, you’d be pleased to know that the DVD is on sale. For many years, the only MediaCorp productions that were sold were the movie and telemovie ones. I had wanted to purchase their drama since years ago and for once, they are now promoting their dramas on DVDs. That is wonderful, probably the beginning of many successful other dramas to follow.

The Little Nyonya was the most watched drama in their 15 years history! It got me glued to the TV set every weekdays from 9pm and cannot get enough of it. The aesthetics were wonderful. The locations, backdrops and shots of Straits’ Chinese lifestyle really was such an eye opener. I enjoyed this show tremendously except for some disappointment in the ending.

Anyway, I also heard that this show will be shown in Malaysia soon next month but not sure which channel it will be so the Malaysians can enjoy it at last. And for those who wants to have a keepsake of the show, I’m show you won’t resist buying the DVD. It will be out in two sets.

The first set – Ep 1 – 12 sold now
The second set – Ep 13 – 34 will be sold around 20th of January onwards (comes with a souvenir)

They are released in Mandarin with Englsh Subtitles.


I love Tinkerbell

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Have you been a fan of Peter Pan? I used to be a great fan and especially loved the little fairy called Tinkerbell. When I was a young child, I had wished for this little pretty fairy much more than wishing for Santa Claus! I wanted to fly so much and wished I could.. Those were fond dreams.

During Christmas last year, my girls saw a trailer of Tinker Bell on a video shop and pestered me to get them the DVD. I did. And they have been watching it over and over again. I watched with them several times and thought the cartoon was indeed very heart warming. We even bring it with us when we are in car and watch it no matter how short our journey is..

I bought the Tinkerbell DVD on the left. I don’t have any Blu-ray player.

Then when we went for a trip to the arcade, apparently Tinkerbell was among the reward prizes for our favourite game. I just couldn’t resist playing and wanted so very much to bring home these little pretty figurines, not just for the home but perhaps, just perhaps, to satisfy my game craves and Tinkerbell was and still is, my favourite fairy of all times.

I played two rounds and hit two prizes. I chose Tinkerbell in two different posture.

Look, the Tinkerbell even has wings to be attached on. Pretty, huh?


Rewards We Love

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Remember the Sunday post when we were at Plaza Singapura? Well, we were in Stars. Stars is an arcade similar to ZoneX and TimeZone. Of course it also means I go there for my addiction. I had gone ‘cold turkey’ for about two months not going into this place but somehow it built up and I am craving more than ever. So off we went for the second time in that week!

Playing in Stars is rather expensive because you need to drop 5 tokens for 3 plays only. The one at I play at ZoneX is charged at 5 -a dollar coins for 6 games. But the Sunday that we played was rather worth our effort because the game rewards were large plush toys and not cute small ones. Check out the ones we got. We had 3 jackpot wins and won a very large Tigger, a cute elephant (my girl said this elephant’s name is Lumpy in Winnie the Pooh’s character) and the third plush we got was a large plush Minnie Mouse slipper.

How big are they actually?

And of course, what I wont show you are our sweets because the are just so ridiculously and definitely disgustingly shocking to show you the whole lot. A friend dropped by on boxing day and commented on our two large containers full of sweets as ‘speechless’… lolol

But I’ll show you my prizes, nonetheless…

My girls posing with the plushies. Aren’t they really large toys?

Sharing bed with her new mates..


An X’mas Mickey and Minnie

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It was a boring X’mas afternoon so I told the girls that we should just hit the malls for some ‘jalan-jalan’ and come home for dinner. I wanted to drop the library books too but when we were in the car, i realized that I had forgotten to bring along the books. Ah well, they aren’t due till 2nd Jan, anyway. We went around the mall two rounds because the car park had a long queue from outside, so I thought of going around to check if the carpark at the next building would be better. Somehow, when I passed by the next building, I figured that I didn’t want to walk more than 200 metres to the next building.. lazy me..hahaha so I ended up going one more round for the same car park at the mall. Finally found lots at the basement 3 and got the Best Spot, right in front of the lift lobby! Yippeee!

We stopped by Handifix store because I wanted to check out a floor polish for the wood floors upstairs but they came banded with a bottle of stone polish..  no way am I buying the wood polish AND the stone polish.. so forget it.

Then we swinged by Popular Bookstore to get Rae her collector card album for all her Love and Berry Cards. I got her one about a little bigger than A5 because A4 is riduculously big to fit your sling bag when you are out. Then we went up, up, up and up… to the top floor where Zone X was.. hahaha yeslah. Mummy just want to go and get herself into that Sweet Candyland game. The prizes weren’t attractive except for the Xmas Mickey adn Minnie. I tried the Mickey, then after hitting the jackpot prize, I went for the Minnie. Yup, that was satisfying for me. I also let Rae played on the Love and Berry machine. Lea was busy helping me picking sweets and guarding them.. Bad mummy just got too addictive to this game..

Well, that was what I did on an Xmas Afternoon. What about YOU?


You are Served

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I posted this picture up on my other blog along with other pictures taken in the Science Centre recently.  I must say some of my friends who saw this asked me how on earth was this picture taken.

All Rae needed was just to go behind the white panels and pop up from under the box and up the hole where the fruits are. If I were to take the top view, I’d be able to see her standing up.

The box has panels that creates an illusion of the 3D table. It was fun but we had to do this very fast because there were many people who wanted to take the pictures too. I wanted to ask Lea to do the same thing but she was a little short for the pose.. and she felt being rushed and panicky that she ended up letting the other kids go instead of taking one.. ah perhaps we can try that another day.

Admission to Science Centre is only $6 for the gallery section if you aren’t going for the Magic Show, OmniTheatre and other screenings. It’s a great place to hang out.