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When Petrol Costs Only $1 A Litre

posted by constance

I found out on Saturday while at work that Shell was promoting their new fuel and had a great offer at only S$1 per litre. Yes, Goodness Me. That was cheap… I think the current market price is about S$1.7x to S$1.8x.. so if you had an almost empty fuel tank you probably save a lot of money. But the downside was, the jam was so bad you hear the cars and buses honking all the time. Some had no idea this was going on so didn’t quite understand why the inner lanes weren’t moving or just went at snail’s pace. It was the noisiest day. The offer started about 10am and lasted till 6pm. So those who were going to work, probably had been stalled because the public bus weren’t able to get going, getting stuck in the queues.

The last time Shell dished out a good petrol offer was during the National Day. I wanted to queue but I had only half a tank and didn’t think I’d be able to save that much anyway. And the day was just too hot. After work, I detour to another road to avoid the jams…

Some people complained about Singapore’s kiasuism but I guess it just makes sense when it comes to wanting to save money. Then again, Singapore is well known for it’s queues so this just makes Singapore more colourful and for the local cartoonists to put their pencil on paper…LOL


White Tigers Mauled Man in Zoo

posted by constance

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me an sms. She said that there was some big news in the Singapore zoo. Apparently, a worker had been mauled to death by the white tigers in the zoo.

True enough, when I watched the news on TV it reported that this worker – a 32 year old contract worker who is Malaysian by citizen had died after the incident. Reports also mentioned that this worker had been acting strangely and was throwing some papers around as well as act disturbed prior to his death.

He had jumped into the moat that surrounded the Tigers’ enclosure. He then walked up to the tigers and swinged the broom and agitate the tigers. That prompted 2 of the 3 tigers to attack him, bit him somewhere in the back, where he had covered his head with a bucket (see newspaper report below). He had curled up in a foetal position.

There were onlookers and some had actually thought it was a zoo show but only later they realized it was not when many zoo keepers were alerted and tried to distract the tigers.

It must have been very frightening for visitors, especially when they were in the zoo for a relaxing holiday. And I’m sure there must have been kids around too. Lucky it wasn’t a weekend where the crowd is more.

I love to watch the white tigers whenever I go to the zoo because white tigers are very rare and they look so beautiful. I wonder if they will do anything to them.. After all, it is not their fault. The worker had been agitating them so it is only natural these wild animals react.


Important Documents Update and Upgrades

posted by constance

Before we went for our holidays, my hubby and I started to clear some stuff in our cabinet. These were important papers concerning our home and family. It was time to double check to see if we had any thing that had expired such as insurance policies, driving licenses, passports and our re-entry permits. We needed to remind ourselves to renew our driving license and the working permit for my helper. I also need to add a recent photo on my youngest daughter’s passport. The current one is still her baby photo of few months old. She is going to be 4 soon.

We also had a good look at the recent statement for our policies for home. We intend to upgrade our home insurance to something that has a wider coverage since we are living in high rise building with neighbours.


Something is not right. In the recent hot news, an art major from Yale, by the name of Aliza Shwarts will be doing something she thinks is considered “ART” for an exhibition. Her displays start next tuesday. She will exhibit preserved blood from the process of miscarriages that she had induced taking abortifacient drugs herself. Before that she also artificially inseminate herself “as often as possible”. All these will documented based on the 9 months of process she had undergone and the exhibition will also feature video recordings of these abortion processes and miscarriages that she experienced in a bathroom tub!

Even as I am writing this, a feeling of nausea creeps up because as an art student myself when I was in my twenties, I could never see this happening. Her goal was to create or to spark a debate between art and the human body and it’s relationship. I somehow cannot see anything like that as a part of art. Art, by all means is provoking. But cetainly that doesn’t warrant anything like this cruel act or abuse that she set on herself just because she owns the right to her own body?

In the living world, a person who tries to commit suicide is considered as an act against the law. Would you even allow a person who commits suicide to argue and use this act as art? Insemination and then inducing miscarriage is certainly an act of abuse. Be it on herself or on the fetus, is certainly immoral. How could Yale even allow such project to be taking place. Without even the consultation of a doctor, she thinks is fine. Had she actually studied medicine or understood the body before she undertakes such a risk?

How could someone do such a thing. I really cannot digest. It’s as good as commiting a sin or some kind of cult-ish act. Art imitates Life? This is totally extreme. Totally sick. How could anything like that be allowed in her school. What if other art students were to follow her example and does all sort of harm on themselves just for the sake of art?


Singapore Hotel Industry Short of Manpower

posted by constance


If you are in the hotel industry and looking for a job in Singapore, then it is good news for you. Singapore is finding it hard to employ staff in this industry. Staff turnover according to today’s paper state that it is 4.3 per cent or twice that for wholesale, retail sector or even the financial industries. Many hoteliers are bracing themselves for more resignations. Working in this industry is challenging and require long hours and lots of work during the weekends, holidays and when the usual offices are getting their rest days. In Singapore, many new hotels especially upmarket ones are joining the industry. Did you know that Singapore has almost 230 hotels alone! Wow! In just a tiny island only. And 10 new properties will be joining the market this year! Foreigners quota for employment have been raised as the local Singaporeans are not keen in jobs in hospitality. Low pay and Long Hours are not their cup of tea. Newer hotels are not paying more either. Because they know how much their branding is worth. Take for example, St Regis which is starting next month. Many of those in the hotel industry wants to be in St Regis’ employment as this boosts up their creditability and portfolio. Some are willing to take a pay cut or downgrade just to join this hotel. Some hotels are trying to woo staff by paying higher bonuses and giving better benefits, allowances. Top level and middle level staff are not missing out either. Many are now being headhunted to work in hotels in China and Macau. Small hotels and clubs that offer minimum perks or no bonuses may see them with manpower shortage soon. Like they say, shape it or ship it. Good luck!


Kym Ng leading a Japan tour

posted by constance


I was reading the papers just now when I saw this advertisement by Chan Travels. Tomorrow Sunday, there is going to be a MONSTER FAIR. Well, it said tomorrow only. Anyways, what I was going to write was that they are now partnering their tours with a Mediacorp Artiste. It says so in the papers. So I went to the website to take a look. The information was quite vague, actually. For example – 7D Japan Grand Alpine Adventure with Mediacorp Artiste Kym Ng. I’m sure most would know who Kym Ng is in Singapore. Well, it stated “…with Kym Ng” I wonder if she is really leading the tour? I’m sure if she was there is going to be a big entourage of fans because she is really popular and she is a good compere.

The other mediacorps that have been linked to other tour spots are, Chen Han Wei whose name is used for its 6D Greatest of Shenzhen & Macau. If you idolize him then it will be a star gazing trip all the way to Macau and Shenzhen and back! But like I said, I am not sure if this is a trip stars are making. Perhaps the advertisement should be written in greater detail.

More mediacorp artiste – Quan Yi Feng, also another popular compere.  Radio 1003 DJ Jianwen & Ken – I don’t know these two since I’ve not listened to the chinese radio before. Oh the list gets more interesting! Dr Wong Lee Jeng from 95.8FM, Celebrity Suhaimi Yusof and Asmah Laili, Warna DJ Azlin Ali and also YES 93.3FM DJ Bukoh Mary.

I do know for sure that when you go to one of those cruises they have megastars entertaining you but how about these travels. Or maybe they feature these stars in their TV programmes to recommend you the popular spots and eats? Then these advertisement would be quite misleading.