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It’s a Hot Christmas Season

posted by constance

I envy countries that have seasons. Singapore is always hot. Or just cool because of rain. Yes it gets cold but that is when you are in the air conditioned room. I wished we have snow or even a nice chilly weather that is lower than 20 deg C. Fat chance, unless it’s magical. Sometimes when I browze into online travel reads, I would check their weather forecast. Yesterday, I checked some province in China – Shandong and further up nearer to Russia. Nice and light snow now.

The closest we had to something falling from our skies would be ‘hailstones’… hahahah yes. Two years ago when it was shrouded with thick horrid haze from the burning agricultural lands in Indonesia, we had hailstones for the first time in my whole life..

We have rain, of course… some months more some months none at all. We get plenty of artificial snow during Christmas period, with the malls spending money to churn out machine made snow to draw the attention of the customers.

Oh well, I can still go online and read about Cozy Winters Review if I can’t have a nice winter here in Singapore.

And copy all the nice and beautiful scenic spots on my wallpaper. Just pretend we have snow… Maybe I shall buy some nice thick cardigans and winter woolies and turn up the aircon the the lowest..18 deg…yes its only 18 deg the lowest we can have.

Oh maybe I should just eat some ice cream…


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