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posted by constance

I’ve always loved gardening. It’s in my blood. I hardly have time to do much now but I still keep some plants, mostly edible ones now. I have a small pot of Daun Kaduk, which is also called Wild Betel Leaves, if I remember correctly. Some people call it pepper leaves. Not sure which is a common name. We use it for our Penang Otah Otah and Perut ikan. It is a nice mildly aromatic leaf, soft and just yummy when cooked.

I can’t find this plant in the markets in Singapore so growing them is the best choice. I also have a small potted plant of rosemary, given by a friend. And I planted some mint from cuttings leftover from the ones I bought from the local wet market. Last year, I also bought a small pot of curry plant and last month I got a small rooted stem of ‘bitter grass’ plant which works wonders for those with throat ailments.

If I had more space, and time, God knows what I will have! Veg, more plants and fruits!

For now, these little pots are my pride and joy and my endless stress reliever.


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