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Alumni Meet Up

posted by constance

My ex class mates are arranging for a gathering end of the year. These are the mates I studied with after tertiary. Fine art students who are wild and crazy and temperamentalists! I remember how we would stay back after class ends almost every other day hanging out at PS in Orchard. How the guys love to sing and strut their guitar. We were all poor artists who spend our savings on art materials that we would share 5 large fries as meals. Those were the days.

Just the other day when I was at PS, I bumped into one of them. He was at the guitar shop, shopping for a rickenbacker pickup or whatever that was. He saw me and waved frantically to me from inside. That was when he decided that we should all have that Gathering. I agreed and said to keep in touch. Exchanged our facebook and whatsapp accounts and went on our way. Oh yes, we had no facebook and mobiles in our old school academy then… how convenient now!


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