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posted by constance

I know I have really NOT been blogging. I want to, really but sometimes I am just too lazy. I have gotten past the blogging thingy actually, not like 8-10 yrs ago where it was still interesting to blog every or every other day. I am thinking of handling this over to my daughter who is a good 15 years old already! Time certainly flies. I was blogging a lot when she was so very young then. I enjoyed all the little stories about my girls and all the things we did then. Now because of work commitments and so much to juggle, blogging has been the last priority unless I really have some time to spare after some rest time which is rare for me.

I knew I had to get back here some time because I had an email that got someone asking me if I am still writing anything for money. Well, for the money I would, actually but it’s not really a lot as last time because I dont have so much spare time.

But I am just thinking perhaps this can be the new generation transition blog when it is then passed on to my daughter. And if it goes on, it would be really interesting to watch how a mom’s life and thereafter the new interesting active lifestyle of the offspring!

She has grown and matured a lot and is already a blogger in her own blog. But I am sure she would be happy to take this off me and continue on. After all, this is a paid for domain, I pay for hosting and also my yearly domain costs. Not a free blog. Let’s see how it will be for the future. Perhaps it will be a mom and daughter blog first…


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