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Wall art, Street art

posted by constance

This is not old nor is it that new. Wall art is something that is similar to painting except that they are done on a wall, not on canvas. In Penang, you can find numerous wall art, which are incidently street art, meaning they are illustrated on walls along the streets in Penang George Town. On my last trip back home, I visited these places as they weren’t there when I was younger and growing up in Penang. But because of the extent of tourists/visitor acknowledgement in Penang being a UNESCO Heritage island, I can’t help but, like all tourists, went to have a look. Interesting and very very creative.

Except that. How I wish the paintings or illustrations were done by local painters. They were the works of foreigners, mostly. It would have been a wonderful thing if the state minister would also set aside of an area, closed to traffic so that we and the tourists could enjoy taking pics without worrying about cars or bikes that could endanger visitors who were so engrossed into getting good pics of the walls for their family, friends and children.

In Singapore there is this thing called, Alive Museum. I saw some photos from friends, and these are similar concepts of paintings done and you can take photos and proactively pose as if you are part of the photos/illustrations on the walls. Its very interesting and that was what got me to think how great if Penang could have something like that, in a more local context in a ‘housed’ location with a nice mix of souvenirs, cafes, street food, and shopping as well.

What say you.


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