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Spring Cleaning Week

posted by constance

Yes, I’m down to doing spring cleaning now. I need to. It’s because if I don’t, I don’t have many days off before the start of 2015. Yup. One day a week off is never enough. Because there will be some off days when my day is packed with stuffs to do. Or daily chore is already up to the neck. So I better get started on those areas that need attention once a year thing.

I got down to dusting my book shelves first. I threw out lots of books/magazines because I don’t want to hoard, anymore. I’m a hoarder but not as bad as those you see on tv. OH those tv shows are so extreme but it woke me up… hahahha

I am still thinking if I should clear away my music books.. my guitar and piano books. I have given my guitar to a friend. If I had kept it, it would be just kept in a cupboard like a White Elephant. I have no closed area to put it with a guitar humidifier to keep it damp free, especially in tropical countries where humidity is very high. But sometimes I have urges to strum and play. Maybe when I get more space, I will start shopping for another guitar.


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