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Nostalgic Home

posted by constance

I had the chance for a short trip back home Penang last month. It was during the school holidays and our business was closed for two days for spring cleaning. So we took another few more days and made a trip home. The kids were excited. I didn’t have enough time to meet up with friends because it was too short and we flew home instead of driving back this time. Without our car, we felt handicapped and not that eager to go visiting and nor do we want to trouble friends to pick us up either. We tried the public bus that I had not boarded for the last 2 and a half decade! I think its a great achievement Penang has now. Not only is it convenient, it is also a comfy ride to George Town and we were like tourists in our own homeland!

Due to the common heat wave Penang usually has, we hardly spent our time outdoors, mainly stayed in shopping centres a stone’s throw away! Watched a movie and just bond with family members. Was supposed to meet up with a friend but due to my daughter having a weak tummy, we took a safer approach and stayed home or close to the malls’ lavatory…lol

Will post some pic or two when I am a little more hardworking….