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Happy New Year

posted by constance

How time flies! 2014 appear at the blink of the eye… to me. I can’t believe it. Years have just whizzed me by. Will it be a good year? I certainly hope so. I wish for simple things, humble stuff. A blessed year, safety and good health. What about you? How had 2013 been for you? It’s been a roller coaster ride for me and not a very good year end either. But I am being positive now and hopefully things will look up.

Have not been baking for more than half a year. No more oven. Need to get one, albeit a tiny one. Even cupcakes are good. I have baking urges in the night… sigh. Chinese New Year is also around the corner. Anyone done with spring cleaning yet? Lazy me. Always at work, not sure if it will be done… never mind. Just like my resolution, Blessings, Safety, Health. This is 2014. This is for my humble self. Nothing more than that. My wish for myself, my family and for you.

Have a Blessed One!


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