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Coin as a Hobby

posted by constance

As a child I remember how I loved to collect coins. Old coins. My dad used to pass on some of his old coin and note collection and I would just sit for hours admiring the illustrations and symbols on it. After leaving school during my teenage years, I had stopped collecting coins, simply because nothing seemed antique enough for me. Now, in my forth decade, I have started to turn to coins again ever since we got the newly minted coins released for use. My youngest showed interest, and that prompted me to search for my album of coins. By now, I’d say these are really antiques! But a new interest on the american eagle silver dollar is something that I am curious about. Something I have not collected, nor seen in real, except online sites. Are these similar to people who collects gold coin as investment, I wonder…

Eagles as a carved or illustrative symbol is really interesting. A strong bold and freedom in character, for this is what the Americans have chosen, is really admirable.


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