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Me Time

posted by constance

As opposed to my title, No I do not get any… sigh. I longed to get some me-time, to read. I love reading. I can go to the library and borrow tons of stuff. I love to read anything, except manuals…hahahah no computer manuals or any other kind. I used to read computer software manuals too but that is no longer in my list of reading materials. As you get older, you can strike off stuff you do when you are younger… BUT I still love reading love novels, those Mills and Boons…Barbara Cartland…. all that romance. I LOVE it.

I suppose if I want to read more, I should be going to check out this to see if I’m being voted there! No way.. No time for me to read lately. Except that little bit of status on your facebooks. Maybe I should start reading my mint condition newspapers first… I see stacks and stacks of them on my table, waiting and calling out for me…


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