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LOL, EPIC and Viber Generation

posted by constance

I can’t believe her granny can use viber! lohl lohl
*I scratched my head and wondered..what she was saying..*

That was what I heard as I walked towards my room. My little girl was talking to her friend on her mobile, via viber… How did she knew how to use viber? I once told her she didn’t have many minutes in her mobile subscription and she told me, ‘don’t worry, mummy.. there’s viber and it’s free!’

So since that, she has been like a monkey, chatting non stop often with her best friend, or she calls her her BFFFFFFFF lots of FFFFF. For me, I probably think that BFFFF or how many Fs there are, it meant Boyfriend? well, no! Kids these age are so pc savvy. Or maybe txt savvy. My elder do not laugh anymore… it’s not so good. She sees something funny and she says… LOL, or ROFL. As in laul and roffflll spoken out, not spelled out… sigh. Can’t she really laugh it out loud anymore? These new generation kids are weird! Everything is EPIC to her. What on earth is EPIC?

We are gonna see a generation gap that suppresses our emotion soon.


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