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No Spa Holiday

posted by constance

I had been longing to try out a spa holiday. And I had won myself and my spouse Spa services at Fullerton Hotel recently, inclusive of a weekend stay with breakfast and dinner for two. We went for the stay and meals but no, we didn’t go for the Spa. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t make the appointment because I wanted to spend the good day with my children too. It was a good weekend charger for me not to have to abide by all the appointments if I had made the appointment. I know, the massages would have been great but I decided not too. My kids couldn’t wait to get into the swimming pool. Much to our dismay, although this is a luxury hotel, the pool was just a big disappointment. It was just a lap pool, nothing for kids, no frills and very small. I think they should have just taken it away and replace it with a relaxing garden instead. Perhaps Fullerton hotel is just not totally meant for family holidays but I still feel that no matter how adult or childish you are, the pool is a must for one to just melt your tension away. You need to find that space that makes a hotel away from the bustling concrete. I brought the kids early in the morning for a good swim and it was a little too cold… wishing they had installed an indoor pool with a raypak heater, would have been a tad nicer.. No one seems serious to go for a morning swim, save for a Korean couple who just wanted to dip in the waters. But the pool is meant for laps so, dips are not really practical since this is a really narrow pool, probably the most two person side by side doing their own laps….


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