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How Mobile is Your Mobile

posted by constance

Remember the old school telephone? The big black dial phone? Can’t seem to find it around anymore. The last one I saw was a digital piece displayed like an old phone. But no dialing-abled. I guess I can’t use that anyway as my phone is connected via digital network. Not the usual phone cable wire.Nowadays we are mostly using smartphones. iPhones, Samsung, Sony, LG and etc. One person in a family, at least, uses it. And many people also seem to be carrying a tablet instead of the usual laptop. But one thing for sure, using the tablet to answer your phone calls and take photos are really silly as we are moving towards the portable era. I saw few people using the Samsung Tab to take photos… gosh they do look silly using such a large piece of product and some even tried to talk by putting the tablet to their ear and shouting out loud in reply… are they showing off or just being ridiculous? hahahahha

No you will never catch me doing something like that! I prefer the good small sized mobile phone that is more comfortable to my ears!


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