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Fadmom Status

posted by constance

For you information, if you are still following Fadmom from Fadaboutfood, do not go to the ‘dot com’ but go to instead. I had forgotten to renew my domain and found out that some website buyer had bought over my domain address and if I wanted to get back my blog, I would have to pay them a premium price for that… HA! whatever for.. Not that I use this blog to make money. But I know I have traffic but still, I would never let someone make me pay that premium price. Moving on to a BlogSpot also free up stress that I do not have to worry about renewing my domain, ever.

Also, the blog was for myself, my own recipe collection that I gladly share with people so if you still want to look for any recipes that was accessible, just add in ‘blogspot’ and you can access my recipes online again.

Now that I am busy and no time to bake or cook at least my food blog will be a memory to me, and when I have time, who knows, I can continue with this free BlogSpot again.

Oh quite cool that now that I changed the layout a little.. a pictorial blog… check it out and you will find out.


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