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Not Lasting

posted by constance

I have drawer chests and cabinets that have no knobs on them. That is because the latest furniture in the last 5-10 years aren’t what good furnitures are like decades ago. These fixtures on our storage items get loose or just drops off after a year or sometimes even less. Guess it could be why we pay lesser for furniture as they are now using materials that aren’t hardy and simply perhaps our knobs or any other parts are just glued on nicely for a presentation, but do not last at all.

I am tempted to get Reid Supply handles to replace all my knobs in my house! The Reid knobs have been known to be a good quality material and workmanship and they last for years and years! Imagine, if my daughter still get a good knob from mom’s old chest drawers and how beautiful they’d look even after years on, as wooden furniture age well in time.


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