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Lego creating History

posted by constance

Lego is really something. Now that they have open up a Legoland in Johor, Malaysia, I wonder if it is crowded. Most kids would be very familiar with Lego or at least with building blocks, with Lego taking the lead, of course. Their branding is very strong and has been around for the longest time! My aunt used to buy them for her children and I remember visiting them during the holidays. For my Sis and I, we got Lego sets of some building structures, of which I remember I chose a simple house whereas, my sister, being much older and wiser, picked a very nice castle.

Last Wednesday, I saw this Merlion made of Lego bricks at the entrance of Toys R Us. It is really not easy to be able to build something like that! It was designed, constructed and shipped from Denmark! Must be by the professional Lego builders!


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