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Whizzing Weeks

posted by constance

The past few weeks have been whizzing weeks, for me. First, I have no impression on where my December month went to. I had not have any holiday nor did I did anything fruitful in the holidays at all. It was pathetic. Then, when it was Christmas, I didn’t get to do anything, not even put up any decor nor Christmas Tree. I never got to that point.. Another pathetic week. Even on the Solstice Festival, I didn’t even cook the traditional glutinuous rice ball, although I managed to buy some frozen instant ones… But the day went by and there, nothing was done. I really didn’t know where or why didn’t I bother nor did I fret about it

It is already halfway into January and now the resolution was that I made myself promise to write more than postpone more jobs. I got back my evenings without having to go to work and spent more time with my girls. But there were much ‘other jobs’ that I was standing in the kitchen doing some work or other. I need to catch up on all my work so that I can organize better time for my children.

But above all, my weeks certain whizzed me by.

I hope there rest of the weeks will not be so puzzling..


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