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Weather What’s Happening Week

posted by constance

Something is up in the world. If you have been living in London in the past decade, your friend would probably tell you that it was a record few years back when it started snowing again. And if you have been living in Singapore, your friends will probably tell you that in the recent few years, Orchard Road flooded, for the very first time. So did some of the basement carparks belonging to some high-end condominiums in the west. Weird, it certain is.

It rained almost the whole day, starting from the evening before, yesterday. And at this time in other years, the weather was supposed to be really really hot, approaching Lunar New Year.

Other examples would be the fruits that were supposed to be harvested or only available at certain months of the year has also started to be available the whole year (almost) long. Durians, for example. We only had durians during the months of June or July. Now you can get Durians any month of the year.. Interesting, eh. And when I tried to google for some snow topic, I get a site that is from Singapore asking if I would like to get crescent moon snowshoes… something I don’t have an idea what they are… But I figured that it must be some kind of shoes that can bring you around in snow.


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