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Newbies to Online

posted by constance

My eldest wants to start on her own blog. Well, I wouldn’t mind letting her have a try at it. But I think a free blog that she doesn’t need to pay for would be a good start. She can get the hang of it writing, posting images, adding all those cute stuffs onto it. Then again, I have to advice her on stuffs she may be writing. Nowadays we do have to be extra careful how we phrase our words. Do not let anything be the butt of some political agenda. We also have to be wary of the people who may befriend one through blogs and sites. Some are there for some reason and it may be bad. Designing a blog is not difficult. Not that you would need to design them the IT way. But template’s the way to go. There are so many free templates online or otherwise hunt for a simple site creater so that all you need is a few clicks to get started. Oh that reminds me, I also need to renew my domain before it gets taken off the website..


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