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posted by constance

My daughter loves prawn. Or, she used to love prawns. Used to because she cannot eat them now, not anymore. She is totally allergic to them. We had it confirmed and she gets rashes, swelling round her mouth and hives. It is really bad. I wish there is something I could do so she can enjoy it again. But for now, it’s not worth the risk. Once, her mouth swelled so bad, it took more than a month to get the swelling down. We had to apply cream and if the swelling had continued, there would be other complications… sigh

I myself develop allergies to fresh Oysters in the last 15 years. Funny that I had none of them before. Since it started, twice in the last 15 years, I was on medication for six months each before the hives finally tapered off. It was bad and would come on especially in the evenings.

Remember, if you have allergies to anything at all, be safe. See a doctor. We live once but don’t take the risk.


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