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Quiet Days at Work

posted by constance

Business is rather dull lately. Maybe it’s because many people have all left or gone on holidays.. How many of you have or are going on a holiday? We can’t because there are so many things going on for my family and I this December. There is an urgency to settle the leak on one of the wall that was affected since end of August.. We are just so unlucky that a new neighbour who had just bought the next unit is now in a legal tussle with my unit landlord… it’s a long story and I am just too lazy to elaborate.

The other thing is that now that my daughter had completed her PSLE, we have to be around at least this week for the school posting results and register at the choice of school the following day. That means, lots of money is needed as we will need to get new uniforms and textbooks and all the school necessity.. Thereafter, school bags, school shoes all of which have worn out or spoilt and not bought before school ended in mid Nov..

Guess I will be burnng a big hole soon.. So, how can I have enough for a holiday? sigh..


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