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Personal Gifts

posted by constance

It is only November. Or, should I say, It is already November! Some of my friends think it is too early for Christmas shopping whereas, I know a few who had done theirs! woohooo!

I am thinking of something personal for my family. I can’t thread a needle so, fabrics, clothes and that sort are out! I do like art stuffs but I am a little (errr.. maybe a little more than little…) to get down to nitty gritty stuffs. Photo albums are great if you include a nicely done photo in it, otherwise out it goes too! I know costume jewellery is something really fun and personal for each of my family because I know their favourite colours well. For men, aaah, those stainless steel masculine pieces can get from the hardware shop… string together something interesting… no soldering.

For the girls…hmmm I am thinking of getting some pandora beads because I know my girls just love it. Customize with some alphabets for their initials should be great. Or should I just get a real pc of costume jewellery that is worth some gold value? Hmm I can’t really decide. Maybe I should just sleep over it tonight..


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