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No Sound of Music

posted by constance

Exactly like what my post title says. Usually, I do enjoy music or songs from soundtracks like The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady. I am one who enjoy musical dramas and any kind of movie that has clips of music or a song in them. Just like Enchanted, it has become a family favourite and we can just watch it over and over again and sing along. We certainly enjoy the songs and dances in them. But where can we find other types of musical dramas or shows that has gorgeous bass tunes? Seldom do I get to watch such.. Perhaps those British types? With British bands? But mostly they are on guitar or electric guitar and not much of Bass strings in them. Electric Dreams? Still looking around.

  1. uncle Lee Said,

    Hi, I too love music as you mentioned, but more so dance music, as well oldies. Not for the latest kinds where it’s here today, gone tomorrow, or unable to decipher what they singing or screaming about.
    My favourite musical instruments, piano and violin.
    You have a great weekend, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

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