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Over the Moon, Mooncakes

posted by constance

If I count my Chinese age, I’d be one year older. That is usually how Chinese people calculate. I guess it is because for every one in December we are all a year older, regardless if you have celebrated your birthday or not. But frankly these type of calculation baffles me…

But this month is my month. I was born in the Chinese 8th month and it is suppose to be an auspicious month. Well I hope this month will bring me lots of luck and prosperity.

It is the time to savour mooncakes without buying them… lol. Yes because these delicacies are usually consumed in mini or petit sized bites, we actually can enjoy them in the many mooncake counters in the malls! Well you can visit one mall a day and walk past any stall and they will tout you and give you free samplings in the hope that you buy! Ho Ho Ho… Christmas had just begun!

No lah. I do buy my mooncakes because free samplings are usually not satisfactory. I like my mooncakes with the double yolk and original baked pastry. Its hard to get a good mooncake that is handmade and fragrant. Now the mooncakes are all lacking that original traditional oven baked perfection.


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