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BYO Music

posted by constance

I like music. My kids enjoy them too. My elder plays the piano a little but only songs that she likes. Teen pop songs are what she wants to play, not those classical pieces that you play over and over for a whole year.. Actually piano is something you enjoy playing, in your own little world of expression, in a mood when you feel like it. But it is not something you can just pick up and leave with. Moving a piano is stressful. You dont want someone who just pick it up and go. You need a piano mover who specializes in moving pianos. And after you have it delivered, you need to check if the keys are in tune… otherwise some tuning is really necessary. But you can get your own BYO music instruments.. BYO stands for Bring your own, of course. Not your own Barbeque or BYO beer nor anything else but the Guitar! Yes, you can definitely BYO Guitar. Not expensive, you can easily find cheaper alternative and carry it with you in your trips and events with friends. Not only is it cool, you get to get some company playing with it and get a reasonable group of audience should you play well. Campfires are great with someone strumming and playing a guitar. Taiwan artistes are also very into guitar playing and singing and still is. Country and Rock n Roll is also synonymous with guitar playing and the electric guitar is just too cool!


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