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When Age Matters

posted by constance

When Ah Boy was younger, he would go to the nearby community gym in the early morning doing sets of push ups, pumping iron and all that stuff I don’t really care about. Men working out is quite a norm in Singapore as many of them need to be fit in order to complete their National Service or face extra months if they are found to be obese or not meeting the healthy BMI range.

Most of the men wants to attain that muscular body with a six pack, although not everyone can. But at least looking lean is something they get to fulfill. Recently some of my friends and their male spouses, yes.. all of us have grown many, many years older now, and they too, like Ah Boy is not looking as fit as they used to. As I sit among them in one of our group gatherings, the men started to chat about how difficult it is these days getting that muscular body or even get a decent muscle without extra hard work. Some of them admit to taking supplements like Myodrol and others to expedite muscle building. But as usual they would pass down information and read up on myodrol review to one another to ensure that this product is safe.

Always remember that reviews are very important even before you embark on anything that you are not familiar with. Ask your friends, family members or even your family doctor to be sure.


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