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Strollers for the Twins

posted by constance

Remember that I told you about the beautiful twins my friend had recently? Well, I know she is actually saving to get a stroller for her twin boys. Single strollers are expensive, sometimes coming to at least 300-400 each so a double stroller for twins will cost even more. Maybe one and a half times. Although it is not time yet since they are still babies, I know saving up means everything to her. I checked out the bumbleride indie twin strollers that she was eyeing online and hopefully get a good discount because it looks really nice. I hope that in the months to come, she will finally get to buy what she wishes for. I might just give her a red packet instead of the mall voucher so that she doesn’t have to buy from the mall intended but can use it to get the stroller at anywhere she wants too. Oh and probably some essence of chicken for her health too!


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