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Only Medical Insurance left

posted by constance

Believe me. These are the only premiums left on my plate. Because they are paid for by my cpf account. The rest? I’ve terminated them, or rather surrendered them all. Investment policies sucks. Its better to save money now, I believe. I’ve been following my policies and they don’t make much after all these years. Blame it on the poor economy. Now I believe in cash at hand, or at least in the bank. At least you know how much interest you are getting. Now, if my premiums are still active, my agent tells me, you need to wait longer to see higher profits… that is something that had not been happening since… economy didn’t pick up for quite a while. But I don’t mind looking at termlife insurance than the longer term ones. But of course not everyone may agree with me. But termlife types may be expensive, especially for older adults. This is the new IN. Believe me.


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