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posted by constance

Again, I cannot get away from the idiot box. I am now watching the 173th episode of Lee Family Reunion. So far they are playing it in Jia Le’s screening channel up to 19x episodes already. i am watching via the Jia Le channel in your own time. Pretty good, this way. As usual, they always have the same drama scenes, revenge after revenge, plotting on one another. The bad guys become the good guys and the good guys also become bad after a while. All to get even. And throughout it, they always have this DNA testing to confirm if the child is the parent. To date, there is still one more unborn baby to be tested, according to the story, as it goes. And I wonder why they can’t just get the dna home diy kits sold in pharmacies and get it done once and for all. The story goes around and the result is usually hidden from the one seeking the truth… ugh all that drama makes me want to strangle all that long winded stuff..


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