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Last Bake

posted by constance

My bread machine had died. I don’t know when I will ever get to bake bread again. Manually kneading is tough and eeky. I remember the day when it died. I had just got the machine to mix the wet and dry ingredients just a short while. And when I was about to add butter that I realized the machine is not turning.. what a mess. What tough work for me then. The kneading.. I took about 45 minutes kneading the dough to make sure it became translucent when you hold it against the light. This is important when it comes to kneading process. Well although I managed to get it completed, inclusive proofing and baking afterwards, I don’t think I will ever do it again unless I get a new bread machine. Oh forget about it. They are just so expensive, the Kenwoods and the other Japanese brand. I want a cheaper one because the only function that I will use is only the kneading process.

Sigh. Goodbye homebaked fresh bread… tata

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