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GSS time

posted by constance

It is that time again. Time where malls and shops are brimming with shoppers for the best discounts available. It’s called the Great Singapore Sale, of course. It always happens in May-June and coincides with food festival as well as the Arts’ festival too. But mostly you won’t catch me running around shopping for discounted buys since you can find better buys on the internet too. This is because most of the internet stores do not have such high overheads as well as overstock supplies to clear so you can almost get new items or products online at great discounts.

I don’t buy clothes online but I normally like to hunt online for various discount fragrance for gifts as these items don’t usually go out of fashion. I like fresh scents and they are great with most occasions. The other products I like shopping around are Japanese bento accessories as they usually have many cute stuffs in online stores, compared to brick and mortar shops here.


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