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Doctored Images

posted by constance

Whenever I come across personal blogs of teens, I find that many of them have very nice portrait photos of themselves and enjoy posting photos of themselves dressed in current fashion styles and trends. Then in one of the recent article, I read that many of them make themselves up and even go to great lengths of using Photoshop to enhance their look besides the physical make up. If you go to youtube, some of these teen girls even show you how they do it with a video. It is really amazing what makeup and Photoshop does to one.

In the olden days when we don’t have Photoshop, we used the airbrush machine to create wonders of art but now many artists in this era have never even seen the airbrush gun nor understand the skill artists need to handle the air flow and pressure when releasing ink. The only people who uses airbrush nowadays are those who ‘paints’ bikes and cars and tattooists at work, not the canvas artists anymore. I hope one day airbrush painting comes back into trend again.


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