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posted by constance

My girl attended her school concert just two days ago before the break of holiday starts. Her school has the tradition of having school concerts twice a year during the prize giving day. What is really amazing is how these kids are trained to be hosts for their concerts. With ease like they are old hand at compere jobs, they even know how to speak to the mic and not look like fresh green horns. I remember my school concerts whereby our hosts always have to use those large lollipop like microphones in the olden days and how they always had to do the ‘testing testing 1 2 3’ so many times and tap on the mic and causing so much screeching blasting at the audience. Oh and yes, in those days Sanyo radio was a popular brand used for the entertainment system and now, this brand is still in use, except that they have grown with the times and are not those wired ones but mini microphones that are wireless, just like the cute concert host used in the concert my daughter attended recently.


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