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Drama Queen

posted by constance

In the recent few weeks, I’ve been glued to my idiot box for hours till the wee hours. Even Ah Boy does it by hooking up on the earphones to avoid disturbing the rest of us if we had already slept. Why? Because we are hooked to Taiwan Hokkien Dramas. Mind you, these hokkien dramas aren’t for everybody. I don’t really understand it as I mutter or swear under my breath about the way these dramas are made… The storyline always baffles me. Their ignorance for details in the show are just as bad and their dramatic storyline this is so long-winded are totally something not everyone may have patience for. Yet, I am just addicted to it. They are quite conservative, actually with their at the most some kissing scenes. They also always shoot indoors more and concentrate on converstations. But these never ending dramas are really hitting on my weakness. And the current drama that I am addicted to, Lee’s Family Reunion, they always do paternity testing to check if who and who belongs to the father.. oh well, too many times. I’m amazed how the bad get away with so many bad things done and amazed how the police always never come to the picture.

So althought there are too many issues on why, why and why, I tell you, this show is really addictive. Oh yes. It gives me the chance to be exposed to Taiwan’s Hokkien…  You should too. It’s educational.


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