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What Women Want

posted by constance

Before the turn of 2012, most of my girlfriends, young and middle age as well as the senior ones told me that their resolution would be to lose weight. Oh well, so do I, and guess that goes the same to many of you too. Nope, not everyone does it for the same reason. One does it to look good, one does it to be healthier and another one does it for other health reasons too, because too much weight meant that her soles ache much more with all that weight her aching feet she has to support. One lady told me that if she loses weight, she does not have to worry about buying cheap lingerie as she can afford to buy many more than the brandes ones which may turn out lesser in quantity. Hmm, and I know that losing weight is a good choice for many, as long as it does not jeapordize their health. Don’t you agree?

So, weight is not about all that stuff linked being sexy because sometimes a bit of flesh may be sexy to some too…

  1. Rose Said,

    Too skinny is not sexy.

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