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Trim and Fit

posted by constance

I am awed by the cyclists that ride past my work place in the mornings. They are usually seen in the weekends cycling from one end of Singapore to the other side, taking an hour or more getting to their desired destination in their very expensive sporty bikes. They sometimes stop by the market and hawker centre for a drink or some quick breakfast before taking off and continuing their cycling route. Some of these cyclists also sport a trendy looking top, bicycle shorts/tights, mostly of a good sports brand that beats heat that are comfy for them to cycle in. Some even have unusuall ‘goggle’ looking shades like the trendy ones you see by RayBan, Oakley and other designer brands. All these gear makes one really seem like a serious and professional competitive cyclists. Like in a car race, many of them take their cycling habit seriously taking into account of their speed, distance and time. If I had the time, I would certainly like very much to take up this interesting sport too!

  1. Rose Said,

    I also admired those cyclists with super cool sunglasses. Very pitiful I never learn how to cycle. Lol!

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