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When the Car Fails

posted by constance

It was a ‘drama’ Wednesday, yesterday. As we were driving home after a day out at the mall in town, something very wrong happened to the car. Ah Boy said the car just couldn’t accelerate no matter how much he stepped on the pedal. And what made it worst? We were driving on the highway, that was also heavy on traffic.. Our car had slowed down drastically and looked like it’s going to be stalled in the middle of the highway. He quickly steered to the road shoulder for safety and changed to a lower gear and the car moved, in turtle’s pace. We continued driving despite the honkings and hoped the car would continue and not stop totally. It was also drizzling and the kids and my helper were all sitting in the back… How terrible.. We managed to finally exit the highway, stopped at the petrol station. The attendants refueled and added water but still we do not know for what reason it happened. After the stop, the car managed ok but started stalling after less than 5 mins of driving, again broke out our cold sweat… Quickly we drove home in this slow pace and parked the car.. What relief. This afternoon, we sent the car to Autobacs for a diagnostic checks… seems like there are many things that needed to be fixed..sigh. Although they didn’t give the detail how much exactly the mechanic who spoke to us, very much like as if he had some auto estimating software in his brain worked out to an amount of 2k max for us…Guess we might have to reconsider our end of the year holiday now.


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