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A friend once complained how she couldn’t wear any swimming wear anymore. It wasn’t that she was overweight at all. She just had the problems most women had. Stretch marks that wouldn’t go away, after childbirth. What made it worst was that she had twins, so the marks were worst than what you would normally get in a single childbirth. In many cases, I’ve heard that many moms would use either cocoa butter or shea butter as a moisturizer before the marks become visible. Some women claimed that it worked whilst others (though minimal) complained it did nothing for them. I think Shea butter is a good product and I read that it is also used widely in other cosmetic products. It helped my cracked heel healed completely. Have you ever tried them? No worries, Shea is a plant product, not of any animal origin. The Shea tree produces Shea nut, which is then processed into Shea butter and other products. Try them. Great stuff.


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